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Why I hate Tactics Trainer

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    I am very impressed with the Tactics Trainer, and I am hoping to see the incorporation of the "tags" into feedback regarding our individual weaknesses sometime in the future.

    Many of the complaints on this thread are in regards to rating points and how to allot them "fairly".

    In this discussion, we need to remember the purpose of TT user ratings (or any chess.com rating, for that matter):

    The purpose of our ratings are to match us with opponents and problems at our playing level.  In this capacity, ratings are a great aid to training and an indicator of improvement.  They are not meant to be hung around our neck as a trophy.

    If you approach TT with the idea of maximizing your TT rating, you will use this tool in a non-ideal way and will not improve as quckly.  You will move quickly without calculating out an entire line, you will make reflex Q sacs and en passant captures without calculating, and you will use the timer to indicate what sort of tactic you look for in the position.  These are poor ways of using the TT tool if you want your chess ability to improve.


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