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Can I create a Tournament?

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    I have enough friends that I know personally ans We would like to have a closed tournament between us. Is this possible? if so, how?
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    You can manually do it and just have your friends send challenges. Otherwise, only premium members can create tourneys that use the site tourney options.

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    Thank you Martin

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    how can i create a multi-group tournament ? I'm trying but i don't see the option to creat a multi-group ? it says 5 players max or 12 players max

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    You should be able to do a larger number of players; max is 250 now, but that depends a little on group size. Are you on the default site or v2?

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    i solved my problem. I need to be at least Platinum member to creat multi group tournament.. That was my problem  ...thanks

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    Ah, you were platinum when I answered so if you were gold before that would explain it grin.png

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    When i create advanced (multi-group etc) tournament as platinum, but before tournament start, i am downgraded to gold, can i still manage (e.g. start tournament, invite players, modify tournament settings etc) this torunament?

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    I believe you can but you might ask staff to be sure.


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    tks i will happy.png


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