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Fast games and slow games

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    If you play in tournaments, never ever play blitz you need to think it over and over again. Think about it, grandmasters need good memory to play good and they analyze SLOWLY. You have think 3 moves ahead (your move, his move, and your follow up) to be good chess play. Last question want be a GOOD CHESS PLAYER OR A BAD CHESS PLAYER?

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    but they dont play as much a tiny bit blitz is ok

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    They are not real grandmasters ok? they are just good blitz players they are bad slow players. and stop bragging joeydvivre. besides im only 8 yrs and i know this

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    oh be quiet

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    I think Bullet Chess is just an exhibition game, unlike 5/0 or 3/0 time control, I have seen this TC on tournament matches

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    youre half correct nylsel


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