New tournament - 2012 World Series of Chess


Attention, baseball fans! The time has arrived for the second annual baseball-themed tournament, the 2012 World Series of Chess! The 2012 Major League Baseball season is in full swing. Please register for this exciting tournament, and don't forget to bring your team spirit!

All registrants are strongly encouraged, though not required, to choose an MLB team affiliation. It makes the experience more fun, and you'll have the chance to represent your favorite team well, and maybe even make it to the postseason! If you don't have a team preference, one can be chosen for you.

Here's the link: 2012 World Series of Chess


This is one more call for players in the 2012 World Series of Chess (links given in the OP). It has a maximum of just 30 players, so it's not too big. The games will progress at a good rate, too: both games against each opponent start simultaneously, and the time control is one day per move. Please consider joining! Thanks!