Players with ratings far in excess of maximum tournament range


I have noticed that various online daily tournaments with a maximum rating of < 1000 have many players who exceed this number by at least 350 points.

For me this completely takes the fun out of the competitions as they clearly have too great a skill to be playing in the beginner range.

What do people think?


yeah, but if you play those higher rateds you will get a lot of experience


Agreed - but it makes the <1000 tournaments really hard for people <1000 rating to win - which I think is the whole point - so that people of a similar rating can play together.



Lindsay - I agree with your rationale. Also, there are different tournaments for all levels of play. Certainly 1300 ranked players can find plenty of tournaments in their range of play. Why do they keep picking on us beginners??


I think that they are automatically eliminated from the tournament if their rating is too high for the tournament in question .

eliothowell wrote:

I think that they are automatically eliminated from the tournament if their rating is too high for the tournament in question .


No, they can't join the tourney if their rating is too high but players can gain rating during the tourney and don't get kicked. Some tournament directors will manage events and do it manually but it isn't the way the site works it.


That is one reason some events have a minimum number of games to play them. That way most players should have pretty stable ratings.


Yes Martin that is how it seems to work - some of the players have some very "suspicious" ratings though as I even saw one player playing in an under 800 tournament with a rating of 1350 - thats a pretty impressive improvement.  I'm not suggesting kicking people who become rated over the 1000 as that isn't fair, but maybe a 15 percent tolerance might keep things fair. thoughts?



Yeah, I was thinking the same about players entering the tournament with their rating under 1000 but as they finish games their rating goes over 1000. I guess requiring a minimum # of games is a good idea. 

Yeah I’m guessing that whilst waiting for the tournament to fill up, players are still playing and their ratings increasing?

Deshi73 yes thats true - I think a reasonable increase is only fair but some players seem to be doing something where their rating has increased by 300 or 400 points or so. That seems odd to me


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