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suggestions (chat window size))

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    I've a whopping 800x600 screen resolution yet I can only see 1/4 of a chat line in a chat window in the tournament section (+ the full line for entering chat).

    Heck!  The only way I can see what is going on in the chat window is to use Select All / copy / paste into a text file.  Can't see what is going on in games & standings as I can see only one line of the games and standings' windows. 

    We desperately need those little arrows used in the regular chat windows so we can drag & resize the tourney chat, game & standings' windows.

    sftac (using Firefox 8)

    ps.  And, there's a fair bit of unused, blank space in the window area near the game (chat/seek etc.) windows -- the starting size of the windows could certainly be much (30%+?) larger.

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    I started having this problem today. I'm still searching for answers.


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