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time out ratio

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    hi! they dont allowe me to join any tournament  because my time out ratio must be at least 10 -20% lower ,can someone explain what that means?  thanks

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    before you accuse me: I was very dissapointed and sad when i lost on time,i was not online when the third round started,and my time was running out,it was an accident and nothin else,in the future i will watch more carefully,but can i start a tournament again in the next 90 days?

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    Click on help at the top right hand corner of your home page and contact the management here directly with your question. Personally, my answer would be NO but I'm only a member here.

    You can get your timeout ratio down by playing some games via "Open Seeks" and not screwing up any of them like you did previously. You could also become a premium member and get at least 30 "vacation days" which kick in automatically before you forfeit any games on time, as long as you have some vacation time left.

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    Timeouts happen. You could try to find a tourney that allows your percentage off timeouts.

    Also if you see a suitable tournament you might contact the TD to let you in. Just explain that you don't let time run out in losts positions and that you will do your best to not timeout or holdup the tourney. Some mig

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    zejak wrote:

    ... but can i start a tournament again in the next 90 days?

    Yes, you can register in a member-created tournament if you find one where the timeout restriction is maximum 31% or more. This is tedious as the non-default timeout restriction may not be stated. You have to try joining every available member-created tournament.

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    ok thanks all for your advices,like i said,this was an accident,my wife came home with newborn twins,and i lost my fokus on the tournament temporarely(i was waiting for the third round to start,but missed it)now i dont want to be punished eternal.if i fulfill my training games properly,can my timeout ratio sink so i can join an tournament again,or does it only counts for tournament games?

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    it counts for all your rated games. Perhaps also for unrated games, but I´m not sure about that.

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    zejak wrote:

    ... if i fulfill my training games properly,can my timeout ratio sink so i can join an tournament again,or does it only counts for tournament games?

    Completing rated games is not enough you have to complete them faster than you did before. Not normally possible, as the rush of timed out games has to be countered. What usually happens is your ratio goes up as your completed games fall out of the 90 day window leaving mostly timeout games in the calculation.

    "Because on average, the average amount of games you complete per day (on average) will be removed from that ever-shifting 90-day TO% window. So unless you play more than this average, your TO% will not go down until those pesky timed-out games start disappearing from the radar (and that could take, well, up to 90 days!)"


    Most people have to wait 90 days for the timeout games to fall out of the calculation to have any effect on the timeout ratio.

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    ok now i understand,i have already been offered to join a small tournament by a kind person,i will work this out by the time...to all of you who have support me and give me good advices:many thanks! and you who have criticized me: thats also ok...but your lack of understanding my problems shows that in your world only the perfect ones will be accepted.

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    This is a community where cooperation and good behaviour is appreciated and expected by all.  You've tried others' patience by allowing far too many of your games with them to 'timeout'.  You've stated reasons that suggest you have not done this in a meanspirited fashion, but were distracted by off-site interests.

    As a fellow unpaid member, I ask you to please remain patient while waiting for your tournament playing status to be restored during the coming up to 90 days.   

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    thank you,for understanding my problems during that period,i love chess and sportsmanship,and by any means dont want to be rude to anyone.Everything you wrote is logical and right.I am already playing a small tournament and are waiting for the bigger ones.I know now by experience that 3days games suites me much better than one day! i work so much and have a big family that i cant remember always to make a move in time,probably i should not play games which is shorter than 3days per move in the future,to risk this to happen again

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    I say that all the time

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    How about when requesting a takeback:  I wasn't expecting that move?



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