Trying to create an online tournament; please help!


 Hi everyone,

I am having a problem when creating an online tournament. I have never created one before, and I understand how the tournaments work, but when creating a tournament I can't figure out how to specify the number of groups, group size, and number advancing. There seems to be nowhere to enter this information. So, say I want to create a tourney with 12 people, 3 groups of four, with the top two of each group advancing and the other eliminated. But there is no way to select this information! If I submit the tourney, it says, 12 players, group size 12, you will play 11 games, and 1 advance! 

 Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I have to be a higher premium member (I am currently gold) to do this? Thanks!


I think 12 is the maximum for your membership level.  I started a larger tournament, but only after I upgraded to the highest level membership.


See if you can create a group first. I don't really know, but I have a hunch it might work.

If it's any consolation, if you get the tourney started, I'd join.


Yeah, but even with 12 people, I should be able to split it into different groups. Maybe I'll try upgrading for the day and see if I can do it. (I've noticed that virtually all TDs are diamond or platinum members, maybe there's a reason.) And yes, Sabrina, when (or if) I get the tourney started, I was going to invite you to it, along with Patrick and some other people I know! Smile


After clicking on create a tournament  this shold appear

Create a New Tournament





  • Tournament Name:
  • Days Per Move:x
  • Group Size:y
  • Max Players:z
  • Advance per Group::123

    This must be less than 1/2 of the group size.

  • Min. Rating:
  • Max. Rating: (optional)

Now change the following

Name --as you call it

days x=how long

max per group y= 4


nunber of people in tourment z= 12


Number of people advancing --2

min and max ratings --if any

unless you try this and did not show because of basic or star member


Here is the chart  on tournaments

PLAY IN TOURNAMENTSFREEGOLDPLATINUM & DIAMOND Tournaments unlimited unlimited unlimited
Member-created Tournaments 1 10 unlimited
Tournament Stats limited all self all everyone
Max Players 7 12 100
Multi-round no no yes
Premium Only no yes yes
Invite-Only yes yes yes
Max # Tournaments Managed 1 10 unlimited

Ok, I see, I'll have to upgrade to platinum or diamond then. Cool


Ok, after (temorarily) upgrading to platinum, here the tournament is: