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When you're resigned to your fate...

  • #1

    ...down material, bad engame? Just resign. Play another game.

  • #2

    Oh dear God, not another resigning thread!!  lol

  • #3

    lol i do that in bullet:

    completely unsound, uncalled for attack failed...

    resign. try again against next player

  • #4

    I won't resigh until its a lost position, but why waste tim?

  • #5

    Because he was annoying you?!

  • #6

    i only resign on fridays.

  • #7

    if i feel i can win on time.. i don't resign.. i win on time and then i congradulate myself on a nice win.

  • #8

    You congradulate yourself huh? ^_^

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    play the game , not the time, huh...

  • #11

    no one ever won a game by resigning


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