4 Player Chess

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25 août 2017
il y a 1 h
And what if we combine the game of Rubik's cube and chess? It would be cool if I was playing chess on a Rubik's cube, and the Rubik's cube turns by itself randomly through every certain number of moves...
il y a 2 h
Another idea that I wanted to write about here for so long is to make it possible in chess for 4 players, to swap players after each certain set number of moves, say for every 4 moves I changed with the player who is on my right, and so in a circle each player changes with another player.
this is the music I listen to while playing 4pc chess https://soundcloud.com/axolotltl/new-hidden-wave-theme-critical-tower-defense-soundtrack?si=71206e37e3e44977805295bd3d3a68fa enjoy the music I guess. Also you can call me cringe.
il y a 2 h
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