Brilliant Chess League

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17 mars 2023
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Welcome to Brilliant Chess League!

We invite you to the most brilliant club on!!! 

Amazing club with 1,200+ members! 

Do you want to join an active, brilliant and awesome club? Then this club is exactly for you! We have friendly members and strong players, just like you! We are playing lots of tournaments, team matches and vote chess. We are a very active club. It doesn't matter how many brilliant moves you have played, what's your rating, or who you are. 

Why should you join:

• Daily Matches
• Live Tournaments
• Unique and Special Forms
• Great and Fun Forums
• Fun Events
• Nice Community
•We are the biggest and most brilliant club on! 
•And you are a kind and awesome chess player. Exactly what we are looking for!!

Join Brilliant Chess League today, where brilliance knows no bounds! You just can't miss the chance of joining us!

Video by @Jets-up39:

Also, look at this video by @JackyJackyJackJacks:

Thank You!

PS: Credits to @Physic_GG for the logo and credit to @AngleaPlayzChess for the background.

We also have 11 titled players: 4 CMs, 1 WIM, 2 IMs, 2 NMs, 1 FM and 1 WCM .and we also have the best puzzle solver on!