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8 sept. 2016
0 (#21535)
Il y a 15 h
como eu faço para traduzir para o portugues
Il y a 1 jour
4 moves
if on the partners' board there were 3 moves played (if I remember right, in case correct me), you get a loss after resigning
Il y a 3 jours
2 questions. Is it not possible to play against raiting -150 and raiting +???. I keep playing opponents who are -800. The other question that I have is why is it that I try to resign on move 1 ( Try to abort) and sometimes I lose raiting, sometimes I don't lose raiting.
Il y a 5 jours
There is no option under someone's name under "more" to choose a partner for the bughouse tornament
2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championship

2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championship

chuckmoulton | 12 sept. 2022
Registration is now open for the 2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championships! Timeline September 10: Start of registrations October 1: First half of qualifiers October 4: End of registrations October 8: Second half of qualifiers October 17: Group stage starts October 31: Single elimination bracket starts Sections Open Challengers Prizes The event features a $5,000 prize fund, which will be divided as follows: Open section 1st: $1,800 2nd: $900 3rd: $600 4th: $300 5-8th: $50 Challenge...