Chess Federation of Canada

20 mai 2020
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Il y a 2 h
How many signatures do you need?
Il y a 20 h
@KMRc4e6 My friend and namesake Olya Kaye is helping me to promote it. Hope to see your signature. ;)
Il y a 20 h
A post of interest! -- Make Chess a 'Sport' in Canada?
Il y a 1 jour
5I5 Arena on Friday @8 pm Registration open at 7. Sorry, I won't be there. Have fun!
Il y a 7 jours
Superb performance from @AsFool🔥 today (1st) , @AlbitarHani 🔥(2nd), and @dragon_expert 🔥 (3rd). It was a lot of fun! Thanks for coming to all 14 players! 🥳
Let's make a change for chess in Canada

Let's make a change for chess in Canada

elfinka | 3 févr. 2023
My apologies! These days I've been away from online games because I've been promoting my petition to make chess a sport in Canada (with the OTB clubs). For me chess is many things: chess is a game, chess is art, chess is math, chess is a sport. But the fact is, the Canadian Government doesn't consider it any of these. We are specifically excluded from government funding for sports. Government wouldn't consider it art. This obviously needs to change! Let's make government include chess into sp...
Upcoming Online CFC Tournaments

Upcoming Online CFC Tournaments

fredpei | 22 juil. 2020
Sat, July 25 - Juniors to Masters Sunshine Open ( Sun, July 26 -  Brantford Food Bank Charity Tournament ( Sat, Aug 1 - Calgary Chess Club Online Rapid Rumble ( Sun, Aug 2 - Hamissauga Online #4 (