Chess House Cafe

323 membres
9 déc. 2018
151 événements joués

This is a pleasant place to come in, relax, chit-chat, listen to nice music, get useful information, discuss, and play good chess as well. 

If you like tournaments (thematic and non-thematic) and well-discussed Vote-Chess-games in a nice, laid-back and clean atmosphere, this is the right club for you!

We like competition (and are pretty successful in Vote Chess), but we do not want to stress our members. You are welcome to join what we offer, but there's no obligation or even pressure. (We rarely have Daily matches and if so, only friendlies).

We also want to give players of lower levels opportunities to play (and to be successful)- so many of our tourneys have limited ranges. 

We also offer special short-term thematic tourneys ("Espresso"), which do not demand too much commitment.

For the benefit of our honest members, we have a strict anti-cheating policy, so we check (and report) suspicious cases. 

New members welcome! Simply ask to enter!

For the above given reasons, we just expect that you:

  • have an appropriate avatar and profile
  • do not have more than 100 clubs
  • have been at least for 1 month on this site
  • do play chess seriously (e.g. 10 Daily games minimum, no time-out of more than 10 %).

Exceptions on the statistical facts can be made on request.

Presumptive cheaters and people known for abusive behaviour are not allowed.

Chess House Cafe is complementary to Team Match Chess, which is more competitive in Daily matches, so feel free to join there as well!