Children of 2ke21-0

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28 oct. 2020
18 événements joués

Official group for users that have been adopted by 2ke21-0in live chess.

To schedule an adoption match with 2ke21-0, apply to join the club and state the following parameters for your desired adoption match:

  • The upcoming dates and times in which you would be willing to play.
  • Your desired time control(s) for the match. The time control must be between 1|0 (bullet) and 10|0 (rapid) and you must be at least two-hundred points lower-rated in said time control.


2Ke21-0 will message you back with the exact date and time that the match will be played or at least follow up with the negotiation. 

Match Format: 

2Ke21-0 will have a total of twenty games in which he may implement his adoption. Therefore, even if a streak of 2Ke21-0 is broken once or twice, the match continues so long as he does not give up a win after the midway point of the match. 

If 2Ke21-0 is successful in adopting the applicant, their club request will be accepted and the member will have access to any club private news, chat, or events. 

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