il y a 4 jours
For those who may experince an issue with delay or no sync with your board moves the following step appears to have resolve my issue ) in settings please also make sure that under the board options that Piece notation is set to text, (this is very important if you want the chrome extension to announce the moves correctly.) if you leave this set to figurines it will not announce the pieces such as Knight, Bishop
il y a 4 jours
DGT and are not working out for me unfortunately. Some of the first moves are recognized, then it will just stop. I use DGT LiveChess + the chrome voice extension. I have a DGT Smartboard with DGT3000 clock. I am happy that I can use the board on other sites, but would prefer to play on Is currently working on improving the DGT integration?
il y a 13 jours
I bought the Bluetooth board one year ago. Honestly, I could only imagine myself finally switching to the USB cable instead of using Bluetooth. But that did not happen. I use it with Bluetooth all the time and never had problems. I also disable Bluetooth a lot and use it with mobile and notebook (windows). It works like a charm for me.
Mar 1, 2021
I have been using the Bluetooth rosewood board for over a month now, and the connection has worked flawlessly so far.
Feb 21, 2021
is any one having isses using the bluetooth on the DGT board or is it not recommended?