Kings and Queens Chess Club

122 membres
25 janv. 2022
110 événements joués

Hi to All! 

We are a club with not too many members, and all of you are invited to be here.

All club members are ACTIVE ones.

We don't want to be a very large group. We prefer to be a medium-sized club where we can play, help each other become better, chat and feel that it is a cozy and safe place to be.

We are competitive, too! With an extremely high % of winnings! 

We are players from all over the world, and that is the reason the language we communicate in must be English.


In that Club we have:

gold Many Daily matches, most of them against countries and cities of the world.

gold Season Events. They take place very often, and include a variety of events (like daily tournaments, live tournaments, Thematic


gold  Participation in Leagues & Competitions,  that include a variety  of rating limits.

gold  Vote Chess.  A very well-discussed vote chess, that includes also  a  couple  of rules.

gold  Forum full of interesting & useful tips.


There are  some rules for the members though...

1) Always BE POLITE with members of our Club and your opponents when in a match. 

2) NEVER CHEAT. Always play FAIR.

3) When participating in a Team match, you must NEVER LOSE BECAUSE OF TIME. Players that lose due to time 3-4 times will be excluded from the Team. It is unfair to the rest of us who really want to try and bring some good results in the matches...

4) When participating in a Team match, you must NEVER RESIGN, no matter how hard your situation is in the game. Play until you checkmate, or you are checkmated, or achieve a draw.

5) Please always feel free and welcome to suggest anything you think will be useful for the Team. 

Those are the rules.


I hope you all feel comfy and enjoy being part of it.

Now let's have some fun!