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He who wields this Hammer, if he is worthy of it, will possess The Power of THOR.

trophies Participate in exclusive Arenas, Tournaments and Championships for our Community.
daily Play in our Teams in Competitions against other Communities.
clubs Stay in touch with our Community Members.
draw We are looking for a Healthy and Pleasant Environment where we can enjoy our Favorite Hobby.
friends We work with the 4 Player and Variant Chess Server Administrators to improve the Quality of Service in the Community.
diamondplatinumgold We award Membership Rewards to our Winners and Champions.

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Lethal Gamer Chess Club, Daily Chess, Four Player Chess and Variants. Here you can share your best Games and Experiences of each Battle. Without a doubt, it is a highly psychological Game, where it is played with Passion and Feeling.
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Club de Ajedrecistas Gamer Letales, del Daily Chess, Four Player Chess y Variantes. Aquí podrás compartir tus mejores Partidas y Experiencias de cada Batalla. Sin duda es un Game altamente Psicológico, en donde se juega con Pasión y Sentimiento. 

We participate in Arena Tournaments and World Championships of:
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Participamos en Torneos Arena y Campeonatos Mundiales de:

  • Ajedrez
  • Ashtandrez
  • Four Player Chess
  • Chaturaji
  • Chaturanga
  • Chaturdrez
  • Fog of War
  • Horde
  • Paradigm Chess30
  • Courier Chess
  • Racing Kings
  • Gothic Chess
  • XXL Chess
  • Petrified
  • King Safety
  • War for Throne
  • Seirawan
  • Duck Chess
  • Crazy House
  • Setup Chess
  • Doubles BugHouse


trophies  Participa en Arenas, Torneos y Campeonatos exclusivos para nuestra Comunidad.
tournaments  Juega en nuestros Equipos en Competiciones contra otras Comunidades.
clubs  Manténgase en contacto con los Miembros de nuestra Comunidad.
draw Buscamos un Ambiente Sano y Agradable donde poder disfrutar de nuestra Afición Favorita.
friends  Trabajamos con los Administradores de Servidores de Ajedrez de 4 Jugadores y Variantes para mejorar la Calidad del Servicio en la Comunidad.
diamondplatinumgold  Otorgamos Premios de Membresía a nuestros Ganadores y Campeones.   

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Official Club Four Player Chess

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Official 4PC Teams

Join our Discord Server right now. Find out about all the competitive events and everything related with Daily Chess, to Chess for Four Players and Variants.
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Únete ahora mismo a nuestro Servidor de Discord. Entérate de todos los eventos competitivos y todo lo relacionado con Daily Chess, el Ajedrez para Cuatro Jugadores y Variantes.

FFA League Coordinator

En nuestro Canal de Twitch:

You will be able to find out about all the prizes that will be raffled in direct. You can support with Subs and Bits, to improve the experience on the channel.

We are more and more, we want to know what you are made of, show your Power and Experiences, we will be in your Triumphs, but also in your Failures, join us and you will be part of the Fortress.
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Te podrás enterar de todos los premios que serán sorteados en los directos. Puedes apoyar con Subs y Bits, para mejorar la experiencia en el canal.

Cada vez somos más, queremos saber de que estas hecho, demuestra tu Poder y Vivencias, nosotros estaremos en tus Triunfos, pero también en tus Fracasos, únete y serás parte de la Fortaleza.

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I recommend of the gods:  03:28 Bjorth - Herr Mannelig

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Four Player Chess League




⚔️ New challenge 🛡️ get 241 Flags 🏁​🏆

This club has set a new goal to meet, which is to reach the 241 flags in the passport of your profile on chess'com. We understand that it is super difficult to get all those flags, therefore as the administrator of this club and organizer of this challenge, I will take it upon myself to invite new players from all countries to join Mjölnir.

My Passport:


🪓​ Next Internal Arena Tournament in the club:
"Crazy to Unlock Many Flags" ⚔️  progress of a 100%



🪓New Challenge ⚔️  get 33 Opening Books chessbook

We will be holding internal tournaments, with book openings, to unlock your goals.

My Opening Books

Next Event

🪓Chaturdrez League 🐪 | 🏆 Season 2023⚔️ | Prize 💎👑⭐

🪓Chaturaji League ⛵ | 🏆 SEASON 2023⚔️ | Prize 💎👑⭐

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🪓BY League 🏆💎👑⭐ 🛡️SEASON 2023⚔️

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🪓Arena Tournament Chaturdrez 🏆💎👑⭐ 🛡️January & February 2023⚔️

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🪓Arena Tournament BY Setup 🏆 February 2023⚔️

Success! 🥳 

"Quien obtenga este Martillo, si es Digno de el, poseerá El Poder de THOR"

🪓Mjölnir blitz