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Crossville, Tennessee Fondé le: 9 janv. 2015
Membres : 1 345
Official Group for US Chess Members and US Chess Online Rated Play on Chess.com! Event Schedule: http://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/tournament-schedule To be accepted you must fill out the Authentication Form in the group news! http://www.chess.com/news/uscf-member-authentication-9266 Please turn on your notes or messages so the admins can contact you about any possible issues.


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    Daniel Rensch | @danielrensch Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, États-Unis

    Adhésion le: 9 janv. 2015

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    Martin Stahl | Joplin, MO, États-Unis

    Adhésion le: 14 janv. 2015

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    US Chess Federation | Crossville TN, États-Unis

    Adhésion le: 20 mars 2017

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    Earth, États-Unis

    Adhésion le: 13 janv. 2015

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    Adhésion le: 4 août 2015

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