Entraîneurs d'échecs

Trouvez un entraîneur d’échecs qui vous aidera à améliorer votre jeu. Les meilleurs joueurs d’échecs listés ici sont disponibles pour des leçons et du coaching. Contactez un entraîneur dès aujourd’hui.

  • CM Gertsog

    Joue en direct
    Viktor Neustroev FIDE Classement 2211 Novosibirsk, Russie

    Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm 32. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk....

  • FM workhard91

    En ligne
    Armin Farmani FIDE Classement 2326 Allemagne

    Chess FIDE Master Armin Farmani from Germany available for private lessons. I am a professional chess coach on chess.com and I like to help people to improve on their chess. My current Elo is 2326 and I play for SG Speyer-Schwegenheim 2012 in the highest...

  • FM velemajstor767276

    Joue en direct
    Aleksandar Tomic FIDE Classement 2368 Niksic/Podgorica, Monténégro

    FM with two norms for IM,two times Junior champion of my country,winner of few opens U2300,this year i will play for national team.I am rated 2368. Coach for a 2 years,i held lessons in English or Italian but often in English. I have solid knowledge from...

  • NM aww-rats

    En ligne
    FIDE Classement 2220 Route 66, California, États-Unis

    Full time Professional Chess Coach   Top selling coach on chess.com for 4+ years. They stopped recording this in March 2013 when I outsold all coaches on this site first 10 months of activity to move up to number 4 overall. I now teach chess 70 hours...

  • FM mizant

    En ligne
    Aleksandar Randjelovic FIDE Classement 2314 Niš, Serbie

    - full time chess coach- 15+ years in chess coaching- own programme (proven to be successful)- homework after each session- free correspondence games with students- 26 USD for 45 min lesson- emphasizes understanding, not memorizing- teaches only what...

  • GM LuckyTiger

    En ligne il y a 12 min
    Valeriy Aveskulov FIDE Classement 2529 Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Hello, I'm Valeriy Aveskulov, GM from Kharkiv, Ukraine. You can read more about me on www.chesstao.com. Also you can be interested to purchase my Attack with Black (book about Black repertoire against 1.d4 based on the Benko gambit) or Improving the Endgame...


    En ligne il y a 14 min
    Eneasz Wiewióra Bielsko-Biała, Pologne

    I am 24 years old and I study Finance and Accountancy at University of Economics in Katowice. I like teach students and help them to improve level of understanding the chess. I have about 6 years experience in coaching chess adepts with ranking between...

  • FM josemoramoron

    En ligne il y a 17 min
    Jose Mora Moron Caracas, Venezuela

    "Pedagogia, planificacion y conocimiento de los aspectos tecnicos del juego, son el camino hacia el progreso". Uso de las herramientas informaticas mas potentes y sofisticadas en la actualidad (gestores de bases de datos, modulos de analisis, tablas de...

  • WFM Parthenope

    En ligne il y a 18 min
    Mariagrazia De Rosa FIDE Classement 2113 Italie

    Woman Fide Master (WFM) Mariagrazia De Rosa, current FIDE rating 2113.   Certified FIDE Instructor (FI), specialized in training beginners and students with FIDE rating less than 1800.   Available for private chess lessons, in Italian, Spanish and English...

  • FM MattyDPerrine

    Joue en direct
    Dalton Perrine FIDE Classement 2308 Orlando, FL, États-Unis

    Want to improve your game? Raise your rating? Become a MASTER? Some of the most affordable prices online for personalized online chess coaching to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!------------------------------------------------------------------I am...

  • FM Michel2426

    En ligne il y a 21 min
    Michel Coto Artemisa, Cuba

    (Spanish/English/French) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the Electronic Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. I have 2 IM norms (struggling for the 3rd), I've been over 2400. During last 5 years I have...

  • NM linlaoda

    Joue en direct
    Julian Lin USCF Classement 2216 California, États-Unis

    I am Julian Lin. I live in California, and enjoy playing chess as my deepest passion.   I offer online coaching. I'm self taught and believe my struggles are what makes me a better coach. I started with a 900 rating and am now rated 2200.   (Expand to...

  • FM Schemato

    En ligne il y a 29 min
    Arne Jochens FIDE Classement 2265 Ulm, Allemagne

    "Lie and hypocrisy do not hold good for long on the chessboard of the masters. They are struck by the thunderbolt of the creative combination, eventually, and they cannot construe away the fact, at least not for long, and the sun of justice shines brightly...

  • CM Mistheoretical

    En ligne
    Dávid Balogh FIDE Classement 2205 Kisújszállás, Hongrie

       About Me   Professional chess player: https://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=721883 Founder of Cruel Chess Dudes international community: https://www.chess.com/club/cruel-chess-dudes Chess coach   I am David Balogh from Kisujszallas, Hungary....

  • WGM cukus

    En ligne il y a 33 min
    Papp Petra FIDE Classement 2337 Szeged, Hongrie

    My name is Petra Papp (2337) WGM.My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Showing general middlegames ideas (arising from the openings)- Improving calculation+endgame skills- Analysing instructive GM games- Analyzing your gamesI have been on the...

  • GM sergiochess83

    En ligne il y a 33 min
    Sergey Grigoriants FIDE Classement 2568 Moscow, Russie

    My name is Sergey Grigoriants professional chess player and coach, (2568) GM from Russia.You can watch my game against the World Champion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga6qphrILAY      (2017, World Blitz Championship) and against S.Karjakin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgLieTJrSOo....

  • IM AndreyOstrovskiy

    En ligne
    Andrey Ostrovskiy FIDE Classement 2441 Bielefeld, Allemagne

    Are you eager to improve your chess? Follow my streams on https://twitch.tv/mostrovski! I am an International Master from Ukraine, currently living in Germany. I provide chess lessons for players of different levels and ages. Ukraine is one of the best...

  • FM djamir

    En ligne il y a 42 min
    Amirhossein Jamshidi tehran, Iran

      Private Lessons & many other Training Services available over the internet. Improve your strategy and endgame skills with my lessons and analyses for reasonable prices! Fide Master from Iran with couple years of coaching experience. Contact me via Amir.supersushi@gmail.com  

  • NM Frolik67

    En ligne il y a 47 min
    Nicholas Rosenthal USCF Classement 2296 États-Unis

    Online Coaching Available!   A few of my main achievements are being co-champion in the 7th, 9th, and 11th grade nationals. I was also 4th board all-star for the Miami Sharks in the USCL, and 4th board first team all-star for the St. Louis Arch Bishops...

  • FM FranklinAPalomo

    En ligne il y a 50 min
    Franklin Annervys Palomo FIDE Classement 2343 Miranda, Venezuela

    Soy Maestro Fide, tengo 2331 de elo Fide actual, Soy entrenador de alto rendimiento desde hace ya 9 años.   Me gusta Analizar partidas, ayudar a mejorar el nivel, entrenar para las competencias y que den lo mejor en cada partida. Me gusta preparar las...

  • IM TigerLilov

    Joue en direct
    Valeri Lilov FIDE Classement 2438 Varna, Bulgarie

    I am a 27-year-old International Master and professional chess coach. My FIDE rating is 2438 (Classical) and 2515 (Online). In addition to giving high quality private lessons, I work as professional lecturer for many popular sites, including Chess.com,...

  • GM TheCount

    En ligne il y a 1 h
    Ioan-Cristian Chirila USCF Classement 2631 San Francisco, États-Unis

    International Grand Master, world youth champion in 2007 at group U-16, currently professional chess player and trainer. If you wish to learn more about me visit my webpage at: www.cristian-chirila.com

  • GeniusKJ

    En ligne il y a 1 h
    Kairav Joshi ChessUniversity.com, États-Unis

    Hi there!   I am the Founder and CEO of Chess University, Inc., the world's leading online chess academy with its primary website located at https://ChessUniversity.com   My journey in the chess education world began when I became a #1-selling coach....

  • GM alexcolovic

    En ligne il y a 1 h
    Aleksandar Colovic Macédoine

    International Grandmaster with a very popular chess blog (www.alexcolovic.com), full of useful insights and analyses of the game from different perspectives. I am looking for serious students eager to improve. I have vast experience both in playing and...

  • CM JamesColeman

    Joue en direct
    James Coleman FIDE Classement 2207 London, Angleterre

    Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 41 years old - (so well past my prime ) - and I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old.    I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go with...