Adestradores de xadrez

Atopa un adestrador de xadrez que che axude a mellorar o teu xogo. Os mellores xadrecistas desta lista están dispoñibles para impartir leccións de xadrez e adestramento. Contacta cun adestrador de xadrez hoxe mesmo.

  • IM TheNomNomFactor

    Conectado hai 12 horas
    Craig Hilby USCF Puntuación 2522 California, Estados Unidos de América

    "PRO Chess League Team: San Diego Surfers" Hello! 18-year old International Master Craig Hilby here! I am open to private coaching and am strongly capable of teaching students anywhere from beginner to 2200 master level. I have experience teaching in...

  • GM GutovAndrey

    Conectado hai 14 horas
    Andrey Gutov FIDE Puntuación 2501 Belovo, Rusia

    I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400: One lesson is 28$ per hour (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union). I give chess lessons by Skype in English...

  • FM jorquerino

    Conectado hai 15 horas
    Marcelo Jorquera FIDE Puntuación 2247 Santiago, Chile

    Marcelo Jorquera es Maestro y Entrenador certificado por la FIDE (Federación Internacional de Ajedrez) con un elo activo de 2247. Dedicado a tiempo completo por más de 20 años a la enseñanza del ajedrez en Chile en diferentes instituciones educativas....

  • FM Joshukid

    Conectado hai 15 horas
    Joshua Colas USCF Puntuación 2400 St. Louis, Estados Unidos de América

    Hello! My name is Joshua Colas, and I am a Fide Master currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. I attend Webster University, and I am a part of Webster's chess team. I work and train with some of the top players in the world. I am looking forward to sharing...

  • FM jwillz14

    Conectado hai 15 horas
    Justus Williams New York, Estados Unidos de América

    Hello Everyone! My name is Justus Williams and I'm currently attending Webster University, studying under the internationally acclaimed Susan Polgar. Her program, SPICE, at Webster University is the strongest in the nation and has won 5 national championships...

  • FM workhard91

    Conectado hai 16 horas
    Armin Farmani FIDE Puntuación 2331 Alemaña

    Chess FIDE Master Armin Farmani from Germany available for private lessons. I am a professional chess coach on and I like to help people to improve on their chess. My current Elo is 2331. I have experience in coaching individuals. I made most...

  • WIM Cami3

    Conectado hai 16 horas
    Camelia Ciobanu FIDE Puntuación 2150 Iasi, Romanía

    Hi everybody, it is great to get connected to chess lovers around the world! I am a chess player and teacher and I enjoy playing chess on this beautiful site, especially blitz games! You can definitely challenge me to a bullet, it's so much fun! I've...

  • NM goingin33

    Conectado hai 16 horas
    Nicky Korba USCF Puntuación 2330 Estados Unidos de América

    I am currently available to take on dedicated students who are ready to improve their rating rapidly! My specialties include opening preparation, game analysis, chess psychology, training games, and most importantly, how to win big tournaments ranging...

  • IM AlexBattey

    Conectado hai 18 horas
    Alexander Battey FIDE Puntuación 2344 Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos de América

    Lessons are based on game analysis, opening repertoire development, review and analysis of key positional themes and concepts, and endgames. Additionally, should you want to cover a specific opening / theme / topic, I am more than happy to.   I have taught...

  • FM SniperEnglandCoach

    Conectado hai 18 horas
    Charles Storey FIDE Puntuación 2300 Newcastle, Inglaterra

        Hi Fellow Chess colleagues,   My name is Fide Master Charlie Storey - FIDE   Trainer - Legendary Creator of The Sniper and   winner of 162 UK Open Chess Tournaments.    www.MasterChess.TV   more details.       I am current England Junior Team Chess...

  • IM MatBobula

    Conectado hai 18 horas
    Mateusz Bobula FIDE Puntuación 2352 Rzeszów, Polonia

    My name is Mateusz Bobula and I am an International Master from Poland. I have over 20 years of chess experience (since 2010 as a coach). For several years I worked at school as a teacher, so I know how to communicate with student properly. I guarantee...

  • IM AndreyOstrovskiy

    Conectado hai 19 horas
    Andrey Ostrovskiy FIDE Puntuación 2441 Bielefeld, Alemaña

    Are you eager to improve your chess? Follow my streams on! I am an International Master from Ukraine, currently living in Germany. I provide chess lessons for players of different levels and ages. Ukraine is one of the best...

  • IM Pancevski

    Conectado hai 19 horas
    Filip Pancevski FIDE Puntuación 2503 Skopje, Macedonia

    I'm IM from Macedonia and I have two GM norms. Current champion of Macedonia, so far I have become champion of Macedonia four times. Member of the Macedonian National Team since 2009. For more info you can see my website 

  • FM PecuricaM

    Conectado hai 19 horas
    Miloš Pečurica FIDE Puntuación 2334 Bar, Montenegro

    Fide Instructor, Fide Master with one IM norm, 4 times youth and 1 time Junior champion of my country. Coach for 3 years. Fluent in English.  60 minutes=15 euros(18 USD) Contact me via inbox or via

  • IM Fins0905

    Conectado hai 19 horas
    John Bartholomew USCF Puntuación 2548 Minneapolis, MN, Estados Unidos de América

    Hey, users! I'm John. International Master, FIDE 2448, USCF 2530 (September 2016). I'm a 30 year-old professional chess coach currently working toward my GM (Grandmaster) title. Follow my blog here on, and feel free to check out my...

  • GM ArnaudovP

    Conectado hai 21 horas
    Petar G. Arnaudov FIDE Puntuación 2484 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Hello, chess friends! I am GM Petar G. Arnaudov My best skill as a chess coach is that I know what is necessary to start from amateur and to become a grandmaster and I am sharing this experience with my students.  Email:   About...

  • NM axelmuller

    Conectado hai 21 horas
    Axel Muller USCF Puntuación 2245 Pasadena, CA, Estados Unidos de América

    Hi,  My name is Axel Müller, I'm 43 years old. A friend taught me how to play chess in kindergarten and I have been passionate about chess ever since.  When I moved to California in 2007 I had a little break from competitive chess. My first rating when...

  • GM alexcolovic

    Conectado hai 22 horas
    Aleksandar Colovic Macedonia

    International Grandmaster with a very popular chess blog (, full of useful insights and analyses of the game from different perspectives. I am looking for serious students eager to improve. I have vast experience both in playing and...

  • IM Sibashvili_Giorgi

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Giorgi Sibashvili FIDE Puntuación 2418 Tbilisi, Xeorxia

      HI EVERYONE!   INFO @ Sibashvili Giorgi Whole life I have been living  in Georgia  and represent my county on international chess arena. - INFO &  STATS  about my career.   FM | Fide Master - since 2014...

  • GM TheGadfly1897

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Alexander Ipatov USCF Puntuación 2709 Burhaniye, Turquía

     Hi, my name is GM Alexander Ipatov (FIDE: 2650, USCF: 2709). I am a full-time MBA student at Saint Louis University. I am also the member of SLU collegiate chess team.   My major achievement is the victory at 2012 World U-20 Junior Chess Championship...

  • IM jjosu

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Joshua Sheng FIDE Puntuación 2411 California, Estados Unidos de América

    Hi there!  I'm Joshua Sheng, a 17-year-old International Master from Santa Monica, California.  My fide ELO is currently 2411 and my USCF is 2507.  I am open to private coaching and will take students just about anywhere.  In addition to private coaching,...

  • GM bancsoo

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Tamas Banusz Pecs, Hungría

    Hello guys, I'm GM Tamás Bánusz from Hungary. My current rating is 2617. I'm available for chess lessons and I've been coaching beginners and also advanced players for 7-8 years. My specialty and my passion is working with openings and middle games. If...

  • WIM viktoriani

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Viktoria Ni USCF Puntuación 2361 New York, Estados Unidos de América

    Viktorija played in her first World Youth Championship at the age of nine. In total, she has played competitively and studied chess for the last 18 years. She took first place in European Rapid Youth Championship for Girls Under 18, and twice finished...

  • IM hellokostya

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Kostya Kavutskiy FIDE Puntuación 2390 Mountain View, Estados Unidos de América

    Coaching Services I am currently accepting new private students interested in trying out a few lessons before establishing a longer commitment. I'm looking for students motivated and dedicated to improving their game; those that are willing to study outside...

  • NiiLoC

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Colin Stapczynski FIDE Puntuación 1989 Phoenix, Estados Unidos de América

    Hello!  I am a partner Twitch streamer and coach.  I am a co-host on The Chess Couch, which you can find here:   I have been a Chess instructor for over 15 years and have worked with thousands of students...