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Sam Copeland
USCF Rating 2310, United States

Sam Copeland is the Director of International Content and Social Media for Sam loves a good game of chess and plays a mediocre game of chess. Sam earned the National Master title in 2012. In 2014, Sam returned to his home state...

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Miloš Pečurica
FIDE Rating 2380
Bar, Montenegro

Fide Instructor, Fide Master with two IM norms. 4 times youth and 1 time Junior champion of my country. Coach for 3 years. Fluent in English.  60 minutes=15 euros(18 USD)Contact me via inbox or via

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ranveer singh bhatti
FIDE Rating 2227
rajnandgaon (c.g.), India

I am Ranveer Singh Bhatti, 32 years old and former international chess player with fide rating of 2227.I live in Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh India) and started playing at the age of 10.My total professional experience in Chess is 20 years of playing and...

Isaac Wiebe
National Rating 2281
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hello, My name is Isaac, I have been playing in chess tournaments since 2014. I started off with a rating of around 1500, but rapidly rose to a 2200+ rating in the span of four years. Part of my meteoric rise was dedication to solving chess...

Charles Storey
FIDE Rating 2300
Newcastle, England

 Want an elite SKYPE CHESS COACH / FIDE Trainer with guaranteed improvement.FIDE Master Charlie Storey - FIDE   Trainer - Legendary Creator of The Sniper and   winner of over 168 UK Open Chess Tournaments. Chessbase Author and I have a weekly show at...

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Midas Ratsma
FIDE Rating 2308
Utrecht, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Professional personal online chess training for only  €30,- / hour! Discount when taking weekly lessons.  I am a Dutch Fide Master and an experienced chess trainer. My level of play improved over the last couple of years by using powerful training tools...

Andrey Gutov
FIDE Rating 2501
Belovo, Russia

Chess Academy Instagram:  I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400:  I give chess lessons by Skype...

Joshua Colas
USCF Rating 2421
New York, United States

Hello! My name is Joshua Colas, and I am a Fide Master currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. I am an experienced tournament player (13 yrs.) and teacher. Winner of multiple National, State, City Championships, and more. I currently have 3 IM-Norms...

Dmitry Ponomarev
FIDE Rating 2417
Пенза, Russia

Hello everybody! I began my work in 2011. During this time 52 students from Russia, France, USA, Canada, Estonia, Iran and Switzerland held individual sessions and cumulatively raised 5000 rating points, 27 have become candidate masters and two Fide master.I...

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Nikolay Milchev
FIDE Rating 2417
Stoke on Trent, England

      I am an International master since 2009 with peak rating 2469.I am a former Bulgarian junior champion under 16 and 18,vice-european champion under 16, Novy Sad/Serbia  (blitz section)Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I...

Paul Makarov
FIDE Rating 2212
Odessa, Ukraine

Deep chess knowledge at a competitive price!  Training chess online (Skype). From beginner level till CM. Depending on your skill level we 1) Study the chess rules 2) Build your own opening repertoire3) Analyze your personal games4) Work both on tactics...

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Павел Зайцев
Юбилейный, Russia

По образованию я инженер-программист. Играю в шахматы с шести лет. В 15  лет я выполнил 1-й разряд. С 2003 года активно играю в шахматы через интернет. Тренер по шахматам для начинающих. В данный момент уже не менее года тренирую детей, начиная с самых...

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Irakli Beradze
FIDE Rating 2495
Tbilisi, Georgia

Hello Everyone! I am an international master from Georgia. I have 2 GM norms and fighting for this title.  I have 3 year experience in coaching. I taught young talented students in Georgia. And also, I have many good foreign students. My main aim is to...

Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern
USCF Rating 2187
Taipei, Taiwan

Hello & Welcome to my Profile!  My name is Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern.  I hold the USCF CM Title & hope to earn the USCF NM Title during my next trip back to the USA.  You can check out my website for more of my  credentials: I...

Marcin Tazbir
FIDE Rating 2542
Wroclaw, Poland

Few words about me:   I have been the Polish grandmaster since 2013, FIDE Instructor since 2015. I speak few foreign languages - English, German, Russian, a little bit Czech and I even know few words in Finnish   Why do I adore chess?   Chess allows...

Ankit Gajwa
FIDE Rating 2302
New Delhi, India

Hi there! I am Ankit Gajwa, a FIDE Master with a FIDE Elo of 2302 from India. Along with an active chess player, i am also an experienced Chess coach. I have experimented with various tools and techniques of coaching and learning based on the theories...

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Tien Nguyen
USCF Rating 2134
Ho Chi Minh City, United States

I'm Tien, 20 years old, WIM from Vietnam, highest Fide rating 2044, highest USCF rating 2208 (2149 in present) I am more than happy to be your chess friend and mentor! I am pursuing an undergraduate degree...

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Miloje Ratkovic
FIDE Rating 2416

Hello chess friends! My name is Miloje Ratkovic (FM, fide elo 2416), from Serbia. I am professional chess coach and I have two years of teaching experience. All informations about coaching, you can find on my website: and...

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FIDE Rating 2610

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Bartosz Socko
FIDE Rating 2657
Warszawa, Poland

Hello! I am here to have some fun, to play some blitz games, but also to help you! I am active player and chess coach so feel free to ask me about training, openings, books, ideas etc. I give lessons online.

Michel Coto
FIDE Rating 2352
Artemisa, Cuba

(Spanish/English) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the TLCommunications Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Mail: Whatsapp: +5353223262 Two IM norms (struggling for the 3rd), I've...

James Coleman
FIDE Rating 2207
London, England

No availability for new pupils until the beginning of September 2019, sorry. Feel free to message me to set something up for that time. Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 42 years old - ( so way past my prime  ) - and I started to play chess at...

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Alejandro Gonzàlez
FIDE Rating 2092
Valencia,Carabobo, Cuba

FIDE Master from Cuba ofering chess lessons and individual coaching for a great price! Maestro FIDE cubano ofrece clases de ajedrez y entrenamiento individual por un excelente precio!

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Mikhail Belous
FIDE Rating 2366
Kiev, Ukraine

Hi, I am Mikhail Belous, FIDE master from Ukraine - one of the most strongest chess countries in the world. My current Elo rating is 2350. I have two international master norms, which I successfully completed in Krakow. Best achievements in my chess career: The...

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Marian Petrov
FIDE Rating 2549
Burgas, Bulgaria

  ♚ International Grand Master♚ Peak FIDE Rating: 2549♚ Professional Chess Coach for over 12 years      Fide trainer.      Coach of Wales in Baku 2016 Olimpiad and Batumi 2018  Bulgarian champion for 2002 and 2017    MORE ABOUT MEGM Marian Petrov is an...