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Karen Grigoryan
FIDE Rating 2623

Hello! I am Grandmaster Karen Grigoryan, I am in Top 30 of the world with my blitz rating! Currently I have the World's highest Fide rating performance with 3103 elo.

Yousuf Azeem Makhdoomi

If you wanna improve look no further!! Coaching Method: Depends on the level of play, period of engagement and interest of the student. However normally my coaching method will include: a) Removing errors in the opening play b) Making student aware of...

Richard Shtivelband
USCF Rating 2295
Denver, Colorado USA, United States

40 year old USCF National Master living in Denver, Colorado.  My style is Active Positional.  I build up my position and then strike with a killer tactic!  My coaching style is to mainly review my student's games with them and to help them understand...

Nathan Hinds

Hi everyone! My name is Fide Candidate Master/ National Master Nathan Hinds. I have been  coaching chess for over 10 years.  I have experience coaching international and local students, who have made significant progress and won many medals and trophies....

David Gorodetzky

New York City, United States

Cameron Westwood

My chess background I began to play chess at the age of six but never really took it that seriously until I reached 18. During my youth, I was the Worcestershire U14, U16, U17 and U18 champion. On top of this I also achieved a score of 4/6 in the UK...

Robert Aghasaryan
FIDE Rating 2537
United States

I am Grandmaster Robert Aghasaryan, From United States .I was Junior European (U10 at 2004), World (U12 at 2006) And Olympic Chess Champion (U16 at 2010).Winner of U.S Pacific Coast Open in 2016. Coaching professionally for several years. Among students...

Roberto Junio Brito Molina
FIDE Rating 2451
Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil

I'm Roberto Junio Brito Molina from Brazil. IM - 2451 Chess Player and Trainer too! Facebook Live: Canal Principal...

Milan Zajic

Hi! My name is Milan Zajić and I'm 23 years old. I'm grandmaster from Serbia and I am also a PhD student at the most prestigious university in the country - Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. My highest FIDE rating is 2517. My highest FIDE...

David Roper
Seattle, United States

FIDE Master Roper --Professional Chess Coach --Contact me if you're interested in online lessons in standard or 4-player chess

Vidal Rodriguez
FIDE Rating 2275
Barcelona, Spain

¿En qué se basa mi sistema de entrenamiento?-Armar un repertorio de apertura.-Revisar tus partidas semana a semana para y corregir errores y ver el avance.-Te guio en el estudio de la táctica, el calculo y la visión combinativa.-Pero sobre todo vamos...

Fidel Corrales Jimenez
USCF Rating 2640
Pelham, NY, United States

Hello everyone, I am GM Fidel Corrales. Currently living in Boston, MA!  I have been coaching chess for a long time and my specialty is getting players from 1200-1600s and bring them to the 1800s and up. If you are interested in improving your chess...

Gabriel Eidelman
USCF Rating 2205
United States

I am a 17 year old National Master. I have been playing chess since I was 6 years old and became a National Master at 13 years old. 

Ken Fee
USCF Rating 1924
Kansas City, United States

I am from Birch Run , Michigan,  and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I run the Kansas City Chess Club and The Regal Chess School. I am a Senior USCF Tournament Director. M.S. Education   B.A. English University of Tennessee Cell: 816-446-3550

James Coleman
FIDE Rating 2207
Horley, Surrey, England

Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 45 years old and I started to play chess at age 7. I've competed in many international tournaments around the world, but since 2015 I have no longer played competitive chess in order to focus on coaching....


Hello, thanks for stopping here and reading my profile, if you are struggling in tactics, puzzles, strategy, openings, and classical chess direct message me, and I will help you to identify the flaws in your game and to improve your understanding of...

Viktor Matviishen
Lubbock, United States

Hello everybody! I am an International Master Viktor Matviishen. (GM elect) My current ELO is 2510. I grew up in Ukraine but moved to Texas, where I am doing a Bachelor's degree in Economics. I offer private lessons for students of different levels....

Guannan Song

CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS - I highly recommend my colleague GM Joshua Sheng if you are looking for a coach! His profile here:  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Artai Bringas
FIDE Rating 2202

Galician Blitz Champion 2022 5th place in Spain U18 Rapid Championship 2021 FIDE profile: Contact: Entrenador desde principios de 2020. Experiencia dando clases presenciales y online...

Lucas Ranaldi
FIDE Rating 2353
Oslo, Norway

Check out my chess coaching website here! Hi everyone! My name is Lucas Ranaldi and I’m a FIDE Master from Norway. My FIDE rating is currently around 2350 and I have one IM norm. I have many years of coaching experience on different...

Nathan Felipe Filgueiras
Blumenau, Brazil

AULAS DE XADREZ Meu nome é Nathan Filgueiras e ofereço aulas particulares de xadrez. Sou Mestre FIDE desde 2019, tenho 2358 de rating FIDE e atualmente sou o número 1 do Brasil sub 20 e número 18 no absoluto do ranking nacional. As aulas são online...

KacperV#6482, Réunion


Wellington Albuquerque Jr.
FIDE Rating 2213
Fortaleza, Brazil

Olá, sou o Mestre Nacional, Wellington Albuquerque Jr  Você pode me seguir nas redes sociais abaixo e no TWITCH para assistir transmissões AO VIVO 💜 Twitch  📸 Instagram 🗣 Discord Fortitudine#3315  Clube  FIDE 🐦...

USCF Rating 1800
United States

Learning to not get down on time so much.

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