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Yousuf Azeem Makhdoomi

If you wanna improve look no further!! Languages: English/Urdu  Coaching Method: Depends on the level of play, period of engagement and interest of the student. However normally my coaching method will include: a) Removing errors in the opening play...

Karen Grigoryan
FIDE Rating 2621
United States

Hello! I am Grandmaster Karen Grigoryan, I am in Top 30 of the world with my blitz rating!       Currently I have the World's highest Chess Performance Ever with 3103 elo!

Alessandro Santagati
FIDE Rating 2304
Catania, Italy

I am Alessandro Santagati, a 35 years old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to...

Nicholas Van Der Nat
USCF Rating 2476
United States

My name is Nicholas Van Der Nat. I am a Fide Master and Fide Trainer. I have been a chess coach for more than 17 years, assisting players to grow and increase their enjoyment of chess.  My focus with training is to assist players with a program, to improve...

Vasif Durarbayli
USCF Rating 2711
Saint Louis, Missouri, Azerbaijan

Hi! Based in St. Louis, MO, I'm a seasoned Grandmaster with a passion for the game and ready to help you achieve any of your chess goals no matter your level. If you are interested check my website for more information:

Aspet Tadevosyan
FIDE Rating 2250
United States

Are you tired of losing in chess? Does increasing your rating seem impossible? If so, you're not alone. But I'm here to tell you that it's possible with the right guidance. My name is Aspet Tadevosyan, and I'm a former Junior World Chess Champion. I've...

Rachelle-Mari Voges
Johannesburg, South Africa

I have a passion for nurturing and growing chess enthusiasts. I'm dedicated to helping individuals at every level of their chess journey. From complete beginners to those aspiring to reaching master level, my goal is to guide you along your unique path...

Novak Čabarkapa
FIDE Rating 2434

My name is Novak Čabarkapa and I am 27 years old. I am a 2434 rated IM from Serbia with two GM norms. If you are interested in working with me contact me here in inbox or at my e-mail ( I am available for both lessons and training...

Andy Grube
USCF Rating 1761
Superior, WI, United States

My name is Andy Grube and I have been playing chess for over 10 years. My uscf high rating was 1832. I am an active member of my local chess club. I am available for lessons, please message me for details. I am best helpful with beginners and intermediate...

Kris Meekins
USCF Rating 2318
Ohio, United States

Hello,  My name is Kris Meekins and i am National Master from Ohio. I am available for chess lessons, please message me for more information.  Some of my accomplishments are as follows: 2004 7th grade Ohio chess champion, 2005 Middle School Chess Champion,...

Charles Galofre
USCF Rating 2320
Miami, United States

Dear fellow chess enthusiasts, I am FM Charles Galofre, a highly experienced chess coach based in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. I work with people (chess lessons / chess coaching / chess instruction) in Miami Florida (Miami Dade + Broward + Palm Beach...

Ana Gavasheli
FIDE Rating 2226
Tbilisi, Georgia

Chess player more than twenty-five years, coach with decent experience, dilettante at computer science! If you're interested in having classes with me, contact with this email:

USCF Rating 2133
Salem, Virginia, United States

Kumar Saket
USCF Rating 1967
Bangalore, India

I am a professional chess coach from last ten years and helped many students to get rating and improve ratings. I teach online via Skype and Zoom also available for personal coaching and group coaching. I focus my coaching in all three phase of game...

Dalton Perrine
FIDE Rating 2286
Cleveland, OH, United States

Currently Offering FREE Zoom Consultations! (Read Below)  Click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute Zoom consultation where you can ask me any questions you have and I can help you in the right direction to improve at chess in the quickest way:

Sergi Obon Temprano
FIDE Rating 2194

Fide Master and chess trainer with more than 20 years of experience. Don't worry about immediate results, understand chess and the results will come on their own!

Ionut-Alexandru Dobrin
FIDE Rating 2215
Bucharest, Romania

My name is Ionut-Alexandru Dobrin (for short Alex), and I am a Candidate Master with a peak OTB rating of 2215 ELO and peak online rating of 2501. At the young age of 19, I have already honed my skills and knowledge of the game to a highly competitive...

Ilija Stanojevic
FIDE Rating 2210
Belgrade, Serbia

Improve your chess skills with high-quality lessons designed to help you with opening knowledge, middlegame strategy, endgame strategy, and tactical calculations. I provide personalized support and homework to ensure you make progress every step of the...

German Bazeev
FIDE Rating 2417

World Rapid Championship 2018 Open 53 place

Walker Griggs
USCF Rating 2382
Los Angeles, United States

Hello all! I am Walker Griggs, a national master now based in Los Angeles. I am an attacking player. I love blitz, especially OTB, and I specialize broadly in opening theory, especially related to my beloved King's Indian. Throughout my chess career,...

Atul Dahale
FIDE Rating 2222

Hello, I am Atul Dahale, from India. I am a FIDE Candidate Master with FIDE Rating 2222.   Fide Id 5037794. I love playing chess. I have good experience in playing Indian and European tournaments.  I am also a Chess Coach having a FIDE Instructor title...


Hello there, I am a self-taught chess player for over 10 years in the land down under and I'm looking to share my skills with some passionate chess players on the site. The main things I'll go through are: Game analysis (either from your OTB games or...

Shailendra Kumar Bajpai
FIDE Rating 2257
Delhi, India

Fide instructor and Candidate Master. I am also available for online chess classes . interested people can contact me : my You tube channel link"- Call/WhatsApp: 9999007248 email:


Temporarily do not give lessons.

Sam Schmakel
FIDE Rating 2457
New York, United States

Hey! My name is Sam Schmakel and I am a 27-year old International Master based in New York City. Feel free to contact me for coaching; I love seeing my students improve their game! I have found that people often don't know what they should be working...

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