"BLUNDERS" topics for March 22, 2012

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    So, Chess.com/TV Diehards, unfortunately Mark is still sick. You know what it's like to have a killer headache? Well, he's had one for several days now :( That's why I'm here to simply post today's "Blunders" topics.

    I apologize, but I don't have the time, knowledge or flare for commenting and spicing this up---that's Mark's job! Still, I figured for those of you who either watched the show or didn't get to watch it, but want to see what the topics were, I'd put up the forum in case you were moved to leave a comment or two here :)

    Sadly, I missed the first few minutes of the show, so only caught a "partial" of the first topic, so is listed "incompletely." Sorry about that, but what can I do? lol Anyway, it was a great show, as always...lots of fun! (OK, Danny filled me in, so it's complete now Smile)

                       Pardon Our Blunders: Today's Topics

    Topic # 1:

    Conrad Holt: America’s newest grandmaster. Thunderholt: How good can he get... was #1.…

    Topic # 2:

    A UTD Spring Break: 5 GMs fly in for a Round Robin Invitational! You  have a better spring break in mind?

    Topic # 3:

    Is American Chess on the rise? Robson breaks 2600; thunderbolt a GM, Hess and Shankland continue to improve; Foreign GMs (like So, Iotov and Meier) moving to US???

    Topic # 4:

    Is it easier to gain rating points by playing weaker players or players of  your own level or higher? Naka whining or right?

    Topic # 5:

    Is playing so many opens good or bad for Fabiano’s development?

    Topic # 6:

    Can a 1000-rated player learn to checkmate with a Bishop and Knight? Should they?

    Topic # 7:

    Is it a good idea to let fans vote in the players of Super-Tournaments?

    Topic # 8:

    Did they handle the "Le Quang Liem" situation correctly? What should they have done?

    Topic # 9:

    Will McShane hold his own at the Tal Memorial?

    Topic # 10:

                        Possible Death Matches: Who would win?
                                         Short vs Adams?
                                         Polgar vs Yifan?
                              Fischer vs Kaspy in their primes?
                                     Morphy vx Anderssen?

    BLUNDER of the WEEK: ???

    Danny gives himself a couple, both from games he played at the tournament in Chicago: Spice Cup/ NA Masters:

    He lost his game against Anatoly Bykohvsky with this move: Rook to B2

    ...and his game against Liv Milman with this move: Knight to A5

    For Danny's thoughts on his play, plus the PGNs, you can read his recent article.

    As for David's pick of BOTW, he didn’t spend enough time looking around at games online to come up with any that had blunders that would qualify, but agreed with Danny----his blunders were pretty much as bad as he'd ever seen ;)

    So, hope to see you next time, for another enjoyable episode of Pardon Our Blunders!

    :Donna (for Mark)

    Chess.com/TV Group Admins

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    Great show! 

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