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Thats what I though
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lol almost. on the chesskid mighty monthly matchup i was playing someone called stormchaser1820. blazing bishop was watching the game and he said, "Its stormchaser1820 vs. the Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrgerrrrrrmaniac!!
A puzzle

A puzzle

HerriotJa | 17 feb 2021
Here is a fun puzzle that gave Brewington a draw in the Chesskid Youth Speed Chess Championship against Marco Materia. That last position is a draw.
No title but important post

No title but important post

NM harlem4brew | 4 feb 2021
Hello everyone! Thanks for joining! A friend of mine @EnergeticHay which is Jason has a youtube channel a twitch channel and does blogs and I personally the blogs are great. I'll put the links to all of those below. This club will have tournaments at minimum every 2 days we will have a tournament. Thanks for joining! Let's get this club to 500 members by the end of the year and I need everyone's help for that to be possible. Thank you everyone and have a nice day! The links to Jasons youtube,...