The Chess Warlords - TCW

225 membri
6 lug 2023
129 eventi giocati

The Chess Warlords is a Vote Chess and Daily Chess focused club.

Requirements to join:

  • Have a timeout percentage less than 10%
  • At least 10 completed Daily games
  • Have ongoing Daily games
  • Be willing to support the team in our Team Matches
  • Note that we DO NOT CARE if you have a low rating, you are still welcome.


This is an extremely competitive club, and those who bring no value to the squad are removed. If you join you'll have to participate in at least 1 match per month and you have to be active in Vote Chess games, else you'll be kicked. Cheating is absolutely unacceptable!


Our club is participating in:

  1. Club Wars
  2. ONE WORLD League
  3. Knockout Vote Chess League
  4. Knockout Team Match League
  5. Vote Chess League
  6.   Match Championship League


This club is a part of The FCC Community: