The Novelty Shed

68 წევრი
21 აგვ. 2023
23 ტურნირი ნათამაშები

Welcome to The Novelty Shed, the place where it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a full-on chess addict. Here we hold many events; for entertainment purposes with blitz & bullet arenas; for educational purposes with rapid swisses; for testing the boundaries of our sanity with degenerate ¼+0 arenas.

Here we enjoy chess for the beauty of chess, for the brutal lessons that chess gives you, for the friends we make along the way.

NOTE – The following requirements need to be met when joining the club:

  • 1000+ rated games; or
  • account age over 1 year; or
  • an exception is made with good reason (such as, trusted member of the community).

Upon joining the club, you agree to support our mission of maintaining a clean and fair platform by not engaging in any dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent, or other similar conduct when playing in our events. See also the Fair Play Policy.