Mastery: Endgames

Capablanca's Endgame Masterpieces

Capablanca's Endgame Masterpieces

Learn about endgames from one of the greatest experts in history!

How did Capablanca become one of the most dominant players of all time? The third world champion was famous for his incredible technique. The endgame was the area where his natural talent discovered its full potential and Capablanca produced a number of model endgames. Join GM Bojkov as he explores Capablanca's famous endgame technique. Start winning your endgames like Capablanca today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn to convert an extra pawn or a positional edge into a win!
  • Calculate beautiful endgame tactics!
  • Learn from Capablanca's amazing technique!
  • Converting an Extra Pawn

    Every chess player should know how to convert a material advantage in the endgame. Capablanca usually won his endgames simply and elegantly.

    • 10 challenges
  • Converting a Positional Advantage

    Active pieces have better mobility and a higher range of influence. They can show their full potential, while passive pieces usually act much weaker than their absolute power. In the endgame this difference is even more apparent. The following example...

    • 6 challenges
  • The Mating Net

    Endgames as are as rich in tactical ideas as middlegames. The only difference is the number of pieces, but if one knows how to handle them then they are capable of the same tactical magic!

    • 6 challenges
  • Capa's Knight

    Capablanca knew the differences between the knight and the bishop quite well and appreciated the unique qualities of both minor pieces. In the following sample his knight prevailed.

    • 9 challenges
  • Breaking Through

    Knowing pawn endgames is a must for every chess player. Capablanca rarely had them on the board, but once they appeared he never missed his chance to win.

    • 8 challenges
  • Capa's Bishops

    We saw Capablanca's handling of the knight in some of the previous endgames - it was superb. However he considered the bishops stronger (in 90 % of the cases, according to him) and could use them even more effectively!

    • 6 challenges
  • Defender

    Many people claim that proper defense is more difficult than attack. Capablanca had very few losses throughout his career and one of the main reasons for that was his excellent endgame defensive technique.

    • 11 challenges
  • A Beautiful Finish!

    Capablanca had an interesting blitz match against his predecessor Lasker in Berlin back in 1914. The time control was five seconds per move and the Cuban won 6.5-3.5. Lasker realized that even with the time limitation his opponent "almost did not make...

    • 6 challenges
  • Unity

    Pieces need good cooperation in order to achieve various tasks. Passed pawns enjoy support and can create various threats together with the help of the pieces. In this excerpt Capa wins the game in style by coordinating his pieces to help promote his...

    • 7 challenges
  • The Art of the Endgame

    Capablanca's talent of thinking in schemes, trading the correct pieces and thus finding the best plan is demonstrated by this sample.

    • 9 challenges
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