Pal Benko's Studies

Pal Benko's Studies

Ready for some amazing chess studies?

Pal Benko was a world-class grandmaster and a top-notch composer of chess studies. See if you can solve some of his trickiest and most fascinating problems.

  • Use zugzwang to win when it seems impossible.
  • Draw terrible-looking endings.
  • Calculate your way through some seemingly impossible puzzles!

Pal Benko's Kings And Pawns

In Pal Benko's hands even basic-looking king and pawn endings could be fascinating. See if you can find your way to victory in these studies.
2 Challenges

Pal Benko's Super King

Often in a study you have to find creative ways to create or avoid stalemate. In this case White is ahead but if you're not careful Black will be able to escape.
1 Challenge

Pal Benko's Pawn Problems

You have a rook, but Black's pawns look scary. How can you prove that you're the one in control?
1 Challenge

Pal Benko's Amazing Bishop

This position looks hopeless for White. Black has an extra exchange and a pawn, but there's a path to survive.
1 Challenge

Pal Benko's Promotion

How can White promote a pawn when Black has an extra bishop?
1 Challenge

Pal Benko: Just The Rooks

Benko created two studies on a similar theme with a pair of active rooks dominating two rooks on the back rank. Here's the shorter and arguably more beautiful of the two. How can White win the game?
1 Challenge

Pal Benko's Amazing Save

The position looks grim, but it's not time to resign. How can you save the game?
1 Challenge

Pal Benko's Studies

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Released March 23, 2021
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