Play Like Daniil Dubov

Play Like Daniil Dubov

Learn from the most creative attacking player in the game today!

Do you want to play like Dubov? Then this is the course for you! Daniil Dubov won the 2018 World Rapid Championship and Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge in 2020. Check out the moves from this exciting super-GM. Start playing like Dubov today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find the moves that won a tournament ahead of Hikaru Nakamura!
  • Find the moves in the best attacking game of 2019!
  • Learn from the games of a potential future World Champion!

Play Like Daniil Dubov: Dubov vs Nakamura

In a must win Armeggedon game, Dubov brought his best to beat Hikaru Nakamura and win the 2020 Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge. See how he did it!
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Play Like Daniil Dubov: Ding vs Dubov

Ding Liren may be the number three rated player in the world, but he was no match for Dubov in the 2020 Lindores Abbey tournament. Dubov won the decisive game with a mating attack in just 21 moves!
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Play Like Daniil Dubov: Dubov vs Svane

In 2019 Dubov defeated GM Rasmus Svane in an astounding attacking game. Dubov sacrificed material to drive Black's castled king all over the board and mate it on a3!
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Play Like Daniil Dubov: Dubov vs Giri

How can you castle with no pawns to protect your king and live to tell about it? Dubov not only castled into an attack and survived, he won a brilliant game against GM Anish Giri in the Moscow Grand Prix 2019.
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Play Like Daniil Dubov: Firouzja vs Dubov

Possibly Dubov's greatest triumph was his victory in the 2018 World Rapid Championship. Check out his endgame win against another prodigy, Alireza Firouzja.
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Play Like Daniil Dubov

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Released June 5, 2020
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