2022 ChessKid All-Star Finals Announced

2022 ChessKid All-Star Finals Announced

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The 2022 ChessKid All-Star Finals will take place on December 17, with more than 20 talented young chess players from around the world competing against each other in the culmination of a year-long series of qualification tournaments. 

Follow the action on or starting at 9 a.m. PT/ 6 p.m. CET.

This six-round tournament features all of the winners from the ChessKid Monthly Championships which were held over the course of 2022. The overall winner will be declared the ChessKid All-Star of the Year, and receive an exclusive grandmaster lesson as well as a special ChessKid merchandise prize package.

GM Jeffery Xiong is one of several grandmasters who has played in a ChessKid championship event. Photo: Maria Emelianova.

ChessKid has seen many of its young participants in these events successfully make the transition to grandmaster status: GMs Jeffery Xiong, Brandon Jacobson, Kayden Troff, Christopher Yoo, and Abhimanyu Mishra are among the most prominent ChessKid alumni, alongside former US Women's Champion IM Carissa Yip, WIM and 3x world youth champion Alice Lee and many other titled players.

Commentary on the 2022 All-Star Finals will be provided by FMs Mike Klein and James Canty III,  who are likely to have plenty of exciting action to cover due to the tournament's 10+2 time control.

An image compilation of three ChessKids who will be participating in the 2022 All-Star Finals.
Russell, Will, and Modith (clockwise; left to right) are among the competitors in the ChessKid All-Stars Finals.

2022 ChessKid All-Star Finals Players

Name ChessKid Username Age
Adam O. TopLumpyGator -
Ethan Harrison PsychadelicKarate 13
Russell Nguyen RussellNBayAreaChess 12
Forest Sweeney TealMeltedRainbow -
Datta Kilari DattaKilari 12
Sarah Brauner Misterfox120 13
Walden Lambert FciWally -
Alex Nguyen MadWealthyCow 14
Gary Leschinsky WiseCappuccino 14
Patrick Vitale PelhamPenguin 9
Dann Merriman DannChess0123 8
Ari Drucker ProspectAri 9
Will Moorhouse NatWill 12
Arthur Gao KindDay -
Noah Tillinghast NoahTillinghast -
Modith Mutyalapati ModithMutW8U 8
Yonatan Nikolich skeYoni -
Micah Lui weal2020 -

2022 ChessKid All Star Finals

Watch the ChessKid All-Star Finals on or starting at 9 a.m. PT/ 6 p.m. CET on Saturday, December 17.

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