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2nd Annual Death Match Qualifier!

2nd Annual Death Match Qualifier!

It's here! The 2nd Annual Death Match Qualifier will take place from April 1st-May 1st, and will determine the participants for the 15th Chess.com Death Match - to be held on Sunday, June 9th!

As of May 1st, the highest-rated active blitz player and the highest-rated active bullet player on Chess.com will be invited to participate in June's Death Match. Should either player decline, the invitation will be extended to the next highest rated player in that category (blitz/bullet), until the match-up is set.

Here are the requirements for eligibility:

  • Qualifiers must play a minimum of 100 rated blitz (or 100 bullet) games played between April 1st - May 1st in order to be considered active;
  • Qualifiers cannot have previously competed in a Death Match;
  • Qualifiers must be available to play the Death Match on June 9th;

You may remember our first qualifier? 


That led to the great matchup between IM Conrad Holt and IM Eric Hansen! Click here for the news recap of that exciting match.

Cheaters beware! As usual, Chess.com will run extensive cheat detection and anyone who uses computer assistance of any kind will be permanently banned from the site. 

We hope to see a fierce competition, and don't forget to check out the 12th Chess.com Death Match between GM Ipatov and GM Arnold on March 30th!

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