Arena Kings | Cash Prize Chess Tournament For Streamers
Welcome to Arena Kings, our brand new cash prize chess tournament for streamers.

Arena Kings | Cash Prize Chess Tournament For Streamers

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Anyone can play, but only Streamers can win!

*** See Season 2 details here. *** is pleased to announce Arena Kings, its first running series of events with cash prizes possible for both titled and non-titled players.

As long as players stream all their games during the event, they are eligible for cash prizes in's new Arena Kings event, played in the new arena tournament format. 

With $2,000 in total monthly prizes, Arena Kings start every Wednesday at 12 p.m. (noon) Pacific. Each week, $500 in prizes will be available to any chess streamer playing in the Arena Kings tournament. Prizes will be allocated to top finishers, to streamers with the highest viewership, and others reserved for fan votes and the staff choice for best stream.

*** We've brought this back during the Arena Kings Streamers Championship "off-season". Season 2 starts on September 10 but in the meantime you can enjoy the good old-fashioned Arena Kings Cash Tournament!

Arena Kings Chess Tournaments

  1. How to Join
  2. The Format
  3. Prizes
  4. Results

1) How to join the Arena Kings tournament:

- Log on to the, find the tournaments tab on the top right, and click on Arena Kings before 12 p.m. (Pacific Time).


Each Wednesday at 12 p.m. (Pacific Time), a new Arena Kings Chess Tournament will be waiting for you...

- Start your stream on and stream all of your games while you play. If you're wondering how you can get started streaming your chess games today, read on How To Become a Streamer.

Jon Ludvig Hammer Chess

Norwegian GM Jon Ludvig Hammer playing, commentating and having fun with the Arena Kings.

2) The format for all Arena Kings events:

  • Three minutes time control per game with no increment
  • Two hours arena tournament length

Prizes will be broken down as follows:

3) Prizes

NOTE : Streamers must email with their username and a link to their stream within an hour of tournament's closure to be eligible for prizes. Please include viewer analytics to compete for viewership prizes.

3.1) Streaming prizes for the top three finishing titled players:

  • 1st: $100
  • 2nd: $75
  • 3rd: $50
  • Top viewed titled player stream: $50. All titled players must submit screenshots of their Twitch peak viewership to after each event to be eligible. 

3.2) Streaming prizes for non-titled players:

  • Best-performing non-titled player who streamed all games: $75.
  • Top viewed non-titled player stream: $50 (must also submit Twitch peak viewer analytics to for review).

3.3) Staff selections for most engaging content

  • Best Twitch clips: Two prizes of $25 each for the BEST/FUNNIEST clips submitted to, as selected by staff. This is open to all players.
  • choice: $50 (our selection of the best overall stream of any player).

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