Announcing the College Ambassador Summer Season

Announcing the College Ambassador Summer Season

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The College Ambassador Program (CAP) was announced in early April, and the Summer Season has only just begun! Our Summer Season is a fun and rewarding way to keep college chess clubs active over the summer and give chess-loving college students tons of sweet rewards. Applications are still open and we encourage all college students to apply

What is the College Ambassador Program's mission? To grow the game and the culture of chess on college campuses across the world! We do this by supporting colleges with prizes, VIP chess-community access, learning opportunities, and internships. We’ve designed this program to help highly motivated students share our mission-driven love of chess and benefit both themselves and their school’s chess club.

What do we look at when rewarding each club’s performance this summer? 

  1. Number of new members
  2. Number of tournament participants
  3. Hours streamed on Twitch. 

So whether it’s running arena tournaments every week, hosting in-person events, or streaming your chess club's matches, ambassadors will be rewarded for all of it! 

Speaking of tournaments, for every tournament hosted on (or in-person), ambassadors will be eligible to give out one free diamond membership, and the top five clubs with the largest tournaments over the summer will get five diamond memberships to give away! 

Have you ever wanted to meet CCO Danny Rensch? Ask him about his chess journey to becoming an IM, or what it's like to help run the biggest chess website in the world? Five clubs that hosted a tournament this month have already won a spot on a Zoom call with the man himself! Those winners are Northeastern University, University of Illinois, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, and Colorado State University. Ambassadors have one more shot to meet Danny in July, and applications for the program are still open! 

We will also be featuring the schools with the most hours streamed each week on our CCL Twitch channel! With the opportunity to win featured streams, as well as gain unique badges on the official CCL Twitch channel!

Finally, our best prize of the summer: the top 10 universities with the most new members on their club page get a guaranteed visit to their campus from's staff! These visits include exclusive merch and social media shoutouts for your chess club!

If you’re a leader on your campus or if any of this sounds exciting to you, please click the button below and apply today! There is a $50 House of Staunton gift card available for each ambassador referred by an existing ambassador, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email Max Mihaylov ( or Joe Lee (, or find us on our discord server. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Apply Now!

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