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Dear Chesscom Community -

I have some bad news: There is a very good chance that one of our beloved and long-standing Columnists will no longer be writing for our site. World renowned chess author, International Master Jeremy Silman, plans to withdraw his weekly column. We (Staff) believe he is a valuable asset, a wonderfully enjoyable read, and one of the most interesting chess personalities in the world. We LOVE his stuff, and we KNOW you do too!!! 

The details of his possible " Retirement" are not important. What is? That we would miss him dearly... I am creating this thread for one simple purpose: If you love Silman's books, his personality, and most importantly, his column here on -- please make your voice heard in this News Post, to try to convince him to stay! Please post in this forum OR send him a private message! I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from a fan.

Thanks for being the best chess community on the planet!

IM David Pruess and Staff

IM David Pruess


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