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May 8, 2011, 9:18 PM 102 Chess.com News

Dear Chesscom Community -

I have some bad news: There is a very good chance that one of our beloved and long-standing Chess.com Columnists will no longer be writing for our site. World renowned chess author, International Master Jeremy Silman, plans to withdraw his weekly column. We (Staff) believe he is a valuable asset, a wonderfully enjoyable read, and one of the most interesting chess personalities in the world. We LOVE his stuff, and we KNOW you do too!!! 

The details of his possible "Chess.com Retirement" are not important. What is? That we would miss him dearly... I am creating this thread for one simple purpose: If you love Silman's books, his personality, and most importantly, his column here on Chess.com -- please make your voice heard in this News Post, to try to convince him to stay! Please post in this forum OR send him a private message! I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from a fan.

Thanks for being the best chess community on the planet!

IM David Pruess and Staff

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