Bilbao Final Masters 2011

Bilbao Final Masters 2011

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Vishy Anand_10.jpgPreviously known as the 'Grand Slam' final, the Bilbao Final Masters pits the winners of several major chess tournaments against one another, hence the 'Final' moniker.

This year's event will take place from 25 September - 11 October and, in a further sign of the straightened financial times, the venue hosting duties will be split between Bilbao, Spain and São Paulo, Brazil.

The format is a six-player double round-robin and three places have already been decided.  World Champion Vishy Anand (pictured) will be taking part, along with Magnus Carlsen (winner in Nanjing) and Hikaru Nakamura (winner of Tata).  That's definitely a good start!

A fourth spot will go to the winner of the Bazna Kings tournament in Romania which starts on 11 June and features a line-up of Carlsen, Nakamura, Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Radjabov and Nisipeanu. Since Carlsen and Nakamura have already qualified, the best finisher from among the others will probably play in the Bilbao Final.

The remaining two spots will be announced at a later date at the discretion of the organisers. It's hard to predict who they might invite, but last year's winner Vladimir Kramnik could be one name to consider.  Watch this space!

As usual, the "Sofia" anti-draw rules will apply, and the 3-1-0 soccer-style scoring system will apply.

The organisers also intend to use the now familiar soundproofed glass box, the "Aquarium", to allow the spectators to get closer to the players. 


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