News Announces Special Arena Kings: Club Edition On Sept. 3 Announces Special Arena Kings: Club Edition On Sept. 3

| 43 | News is thrilled to announce a special one-day only Arena Kings: Club Edition tournament with $10,000 in prizes. Arena Kings has long been the premiere online chess tournament for chess streamers, awarding over $150,000 in prizes across seven completed seasons and seeing illustrious season champions like GMs Hikaru Nakamura, Daniel Naroditsky, and Jose Martinez.

Arena Kings events have always been open to all, allowing members to take on their favorite streaming stars over the online board. Now, with the release of Club Arenas, you can compete with AND for your favorite streamers. Join your favorite streamer's fan club and compete with the community to earn victory, glory, subs, and cash for yourself and your favorite streamer!

Club arenas are newly available on and embrace the beloved arena format which guarantees non-stop action while shifting the focus from individual performance to club performance. Learn all about club arenas here.

The Arena Kings: Club Edition tournament is a two-hour, 3+0 arena beginning at 9 a.m. PT, 18:00 CEST open to all official clubs representing chess streamers, whether partnered with or not. Streamers and their community will be able to register for their favorite streamer's club and will be paired only against competing clubs. Clubs are encouraged to bring as many players as possible to play, and there will be a prize for the club with the most players, but the final score for each club will be based only on the top ten scoring players for each club.

Arena Kings: Club Edition Format

The $10,000 prize fund will be awarded as subs gifted to the most successful clubs. In this way, the prizes go both to support the streamer and their community. Additional cash prizes for various individual performance achievements by streamers will also be awarded. All prizes will be awarded after review from the fair play team.

Arena Kings: Club Edition Prizes

To claim prizes, streamers and individuals must stream the event per the standard Arena Kings requirements as described below.

For Twitch streamers: 

  • All streams must be easily identifiable on Twitch by listing them in the "Chess" category.
  • All streams must have "!arenakings" in the stream title.
  • Streamers must be a Twitch Affiliate.
  • Streamers must save their VODs for at least 14 days so staff can review them after the arena.
  • Streamers must connect their account to 

For YouTube streamers:

  • Streamers must email us ( with their YouTube channel URL and username before the event starts.
    • Players emailing after the 15-minute mark of the arena will not be eligible for prizes or points.
  • Streamers must save their VODs for at least 14 days so staff can review them after the arena.
  • All streams must have "Arena Kings" in the stream title.

Ready to register your club to participate? Just fill out the form here!

Who will you represent in the Arena Kings: Club Edition? Post your answer in the comments below!

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