Club Arenas Are Now Available On

Club Arenas Are Now Available On

| 43 | News is excited to announce the release of Club Arenas! This new feature is yet another exciting tool that will make chess much more fun and enjoyable for the community.

Clubs can now compete in arenas against other clubs. As many clubs and as many members as desired can participate. Whether you want to create a massive event with large online clubs or challenge small real-life clubs near you, this is the perfect tool to do it!

Here's what you need to know about Club Arenas:

How Club Arenas Work

Club Arenas lets multiple clubs have their members competing in the same event! Club members can join the arena and will never play against other teammates/members of the same club. Points that players from a club earn will count toward the club's overall score. At the end of the arena, the club with the most points wins the event and can enjoy their bragging rights!

The Club Arena point system works the same as the regular arenas you already know and love. Players earn points every time they win or draw and can win more points when they are on a winning streak. For more information about how the point system works, please visit our help page.

To avoid clubs winning because of the sheer volume of players participating in the event, Arena hosts can limit the number of scoring players or eligible scorers. For example, if the host sets the scorers limit to five players, only the top five top performers from the club will count toward the final score of the club. This way, as many club members as want to play can enjoy the event and try to help their team, but smaller clubs can still have their shot at winning!

How To Create A Club Arena

Creating a Club Arena is quick and easy. If you are a club administrator or coordinator, follow the steps below:

Go to the Play page and select the Tournaments option from the sidebar, then go to the "Club Event" option in the top bar on the far right.

Multi Club Arena

Select the Club Arena format, then select the club that will host the arena on the drop-down menu "CLUB."

Club Arena feature

Setup the arena according to your liking: game type, rated or unrated, time control, etc.

Multi Club Arenas

If you want, you can cap the maximum number of players per club and how many players are eligible for scoring for their club.

Multi Club Arenas

What do you think about Club Arenas? Are you excited to join your club members to battle others? Let us know in the comments below!

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