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What happened in December at Month In Review: December 2019

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Hey, chess fans!

We hope you are enjoying a great start to 2020. Before we get too deep into our new year's resolutions, let's check out what the team did in December 2019.


  • Improvements to Puzzle Battle. We also improved server retries in case of interrupted connection during a Puzzle Rush.
  • Your Profile page Stats summary now shows your best Puzzle Rush score for whatever time control you played last (five minutes or three minutes).
  • If you set particular filters for Puzzle Training (rating range, etc.), they will now be stored locally so you don't have to set them every session.
  • Added analysis mode when observing Puzzle Battle. (Click a board to enter analysis mode, and outside the board to exit.)

Other Stuff (Web)

  • Added Swiss Bughouse tournaments in Live Chess!
  • Line breaks now properly displayed in Tournament descriptions.
  • Improvements to cheat-detection logic.
  • Added time-stamps to Daily games. Decide if/when you want to see them in your Daily Chess Settings.

Daily Chess Settings

  • Navigation changes to support Chess Today.
  • We made it easier to search for games in the Master Games database.
  • You can now see the rating change for any Live or Daily game in your game archive: It's on the Info tab.
  • Improved usability of New Game modal form—for instance, adding a faster way to accept open seeks before someone else grabs them.

Open Seeks

  • Several improvements to the way member Stats are called (and more Stats improvements coming soon).
  • Improvements to Chat and Club Chat.
  • Bughouse UI now has better support for Dark Mode.
  • Minor improvements to the Analysis interface.
  • Club Coordinators can now view Vote and Club Match challenges they issued without getting an error.
  • Added an Archive Quick-Link to your Home page options. (Go to your Home page and select Home Settings at upper right to customize your Quick Links.)Archive Quick Link
  • Began making improvements to vs Computer (and there's so much more to come!).
  • Made Analysis Settings clearer and easier to understand.
  • Performance improvements for Chess Today and the new member Home page.

Fair Play and Sportsmanship

  • 75,525,319 games reviewed for Fair Play. 
  • 3,209,212 accounts reviewed for Fair Play. 
  • 6,044 accounts closed for Fair Play (including six titled players).
  • 259,512 abuse reports received.
  • 17,626 mute actions taken.
  • 14,567 individual accounts muted.
  • 27,223 accounts closed for abuse.

Member Support

  • Average time to first response: one day, one hour.
  • Total Support responses: 13,286.
  • Average quality by member rating: 91.8 / 100.
  • Total Ratings: 1,445.

And that was December! As always, please let us know what you think in the comments, and we'll be back soon to talk about January. Thanks!

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