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What happened in November at Month In Review: November 2019

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Hey, chess fans!

The end of the year is upon us, and it's time again to take a look at what kept us busy last month at Here are the highlights of November 2019.


Puzzle Battle

Live Chess

  • Improvements to the UI for watching relayed games (i.e. from major international chess events).
  • Improved logic to detect Fair Play violations.
  • Added new engine personalities to play. Check out "vs Computer" on the Play tab!

Live Computer Personalities

They even have their own profiles! (But please don't be hurt if they don't reply to your messages. They are so busy playing chess.  )


Other Stuff (Web)

  • Huge efforts to build a brand-new member Home page.
  • Improvements and bug-fixes to the mobile website.
  • Lots of work on improvements to Chat—including some exciting new features, coming soon.
  • Fixed a language settings bug that was affecting new members.
  • Made a few improvements to the behavior of graphs below the board in Analysis.
  • Made some fixes to the animated .gif generator for game sharing.

Share Game

  • Made some fixes to the Messages page.
  • In Analysis > Retry Mistakes, we now show the evaluation after you retry.
  • Added a warning in Daily Chess when making a move takes you off of Vacation.
  • Removed standings/rating-tracking info for historical chess players on Top Players pages, like this one.
  • Improvements to the Leaderboards UI.
  • Challenges received when you are offline will now clearly indicate if they are unrated.
  • Added screenshots to the iOS app web page.
  • Added ChessTV channels for Korean and Ukrainian.
  • On your Profile page, there is now an "edit" shortcut at upper right, which takes you to Profile settings.
  • Enabled "Web" as an option for ChessTV Features in Notification Settings. 
  • Made some improvements to the diagram viewer.

Behind the Scenes

  • On the IT side, our Los Angeles datacenter saw a large-scale server migration, bringing some significant benefits: new Internet up-links, new IP space, etc. On the whole, the result is a more stable and reliable website!

Fair Play and Sportsmanship

  • 73,305,601 games reviewed for Fair Play. 
  • 3,107,223 accounts reviewed for Fair Play. 
  • 6,071 accounts closed for Fair Play (including eight titled players).
  • 274,181 abuse reports received.
  • 15,877 mute actions taken.
  • 13,248 individual accounts muted.
  • 34,227 accounts closed for abuse.

Member Support

  • Average time to first response: 1 day, 11 hours.
  • Total Support responses: 12,385.
  • Average quality by member rating: 90.4 / 100.
  • Total Ratings: 1498.

Well, that was November at Chess.comAs always, please let us know what you think in the comments, and we'll be back, early in 2020, to recap December. Thank you!

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