News Month In Review: February 2020
What happened at in February? Month In Review: February 2020

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Hey, chess fans! It's that time again! Let's leap back to last month, and review what kept the team busy in February 2020...


  • Made some behind-the-scenes changes to help when broadcasting Puzzle Battle events.
  • Also behind-the-scenes, we continued to work on the technology that we use to create high-quality puzzles based on positions in member games.
  • Puzzle themes on the Learning tab are now listed in alphabetical order
  • Made Puzzle Rush a little more responsive.

Other Stuff (Web)

    • Continued work on new chessboards, including a (brief!) initial run in Beta that definitely shook out some good bugs!
    • Spruced up the imagery for some of our Awards.
    • Began work on a better-organized, better-looking Lessons index. Stay tuned!
    • Updated board sounds (piece movement, draw offer, etc.). No radical changes—just higher-quality sounds!
    • Look for "Related Lessons" coming to many of our Videos.
    • In Settings, you can now select multiple content languages for viewing Articles, News, etc... and we also added a landing page setting so you can choose where you want to go as soon as you log in!

    New Settings

    • Fixed a few bugs and made a few improvements to the site-wide Chat feature.
    • Made tweaks and improvements to browser notifications & notification settings.
    • Continued efforts on a new & improved Vs Computer feature.
    • API work to support cloud-based game analysis via the Android and iOS apps.
    • Searching through your games? You can now quickly clear/reset the search form!
    • What's more, you will also see a count of the results in your current search... 

    • When doing Analysis, lines inserted will all include the estimated evaluation score, whether the analysis is cloud-based or local.
    • We started logging wrong moves in Lessons so that we can go back and ensure the most "popular" all have specific, thoughtful & instructive commentary.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented auto-follow (new comments) from working in Vote Chess.
    • Lots of work on Club Chat.
    • Added new custom emoji for Chat & Flair.
    • Added support for multi-game PGNs in Analysis! You can add many games in a single PGN, and once you've done so, you can select any individual game from a menu that will appear at the top...

    Analyze multiple games!


    Choose a game!

    Fair Play and Sportsmanship

    • 80,147,320 games reviewed for fair play.
    • 3,407,150 accounts reviewed for fair play.
    • 8,042 accounts closed for fair play (including 15 titled players).
    • 318,427 abuse reports received.
    • 20,558 mute actions taken.
    • 16,492 individual accounts muted.
    • 27,420 accounts closed for abuse.

    Member Support

    • Average time to first response: 21 hrs, 6 mins
    • Total support responses: 17,125.
    • Average quality by member rating: 92 / 100.
    • Total ratings: 1,962.

    That's it! As always, thank you for your attention, your time, your bug reports, and your suggestions. Until next month!...

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