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What happened at in June? Month In Review: June 2020

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Hey, chess fans! It's that time again. Let's take a quick moment to catch up on what kept our product development, support and fair play teams busy last month... Here's what we did in June! 


  • Removed the big modal (that you had to close manually) when you get new Awards and implemented a smaller, self-dismissing toaster-style alert instead. 

  • Made some improvements to the new-member experience in our apps, including estimating current skill level.
  • Lots of work on a new Lessons interface, which will be out very soon!
  • Added links from all your Team Match games back to the main page for that match.
  • Now, in Analysis, when you are reviewing a game and looking at the Openings tab, the next move actually played is highlighted, if possible...

  • Added 12 new language-channels to ChessTV, including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, and Greek.
  • Added the ability to turn off browser-based calculation in Analysis, along with a bunch of other small improvements.
  • LOTS of work done on the new consolidated Play page.
  • Added your rating change to the Info tab on games in your game Archive.
  • We raised the value of Bishops in Automate and made some tweaks to the chat feature.
  • Made some improvements and fixes to our horizontal move-lists.
  • Visual improvements to the Master Games pages.
  • Made the ChessTV schedule look and work better.
  • Started adding animation to the Home Page Quick Links.
  • Added a Player Search feature to our Live Ratings page.
  • Members who upgrade during an activity (watching ChessTV, doing Puzzles, etc.) are now returned to that activity afterward.
  • Made some improvements to our diagram editor (used to embed games in posts all over the site).
  • Added a list of all upcoming Team Matches and Tournaments to Club home pages. You can join right from the list!
  • Began working on improvements to piece-move animations
  • Made it easier to see a player's current score and rank next to their profile pic during an Arena


  • Began experimenting with designs for a shiny new Home screen (just around the corner!)
  • The Friends screen is now new & improved!
  • Added haptic vibration as an optional accompaniment (or alternative) to game sound effects.


    • iOS had two releases last month: 3.9.2 (2) (a maintenance release) and 3.9.3 (4)
    • The app now shows the new icon and logo
    • We added support for receiving challenge links. If you get one via your iOS device, tapping it will open the app so you can play right away!
    • Plus we worked on lots of cool stuff coming out in July! Stay tuned...

    Fair Play & Sportsmanship

    • 124,084,460 games reviewed for fair play.
    • 5,270,617 accounts reviewed for fair play.
    • 16,849 accounts closed for fair play (including 24 titled players).
    • 733,029 abuse reports received.
    • 63,879 mute actions taken.
    • 53,716 individual accounts muted.
    • 56,388 accounts closed for abuse.

    Member Support

    • Average time to first response: 3 days, 10 hours.
    • Total support responses: 28,160.
    • Average quality by member rating: 93.1 / 100.
    • Total ratings: 3,492.

    Ok, that's it for June! Until next month, thanks as always for reading - and please let us know what you think in the comments! Be well!

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