News Month In Review: August 2019
Here's what happened at this August. Month In Review: August 2019

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Hey, chess lovers!

Just like that, another month is behind us, and what a month it was.

If the list below looks a bit scant, it's because so much love and effort was (and is) being directed at some amazing projects that are just now preparing for full release in early September: Puzzle Battle and site-wide chat.

But that's not all that went down in August 2019. Let's get the big picture.


Puzzle Modes

  • After a Puzzle Rush, you can now use your keyboard to restart with enter or close the game over message with the esc key.
  • Added ability to reset your Puzzle Rush history, via settings.
  • Added a cooler-looking share image to help show off your Puzzle Rush scores.

Share your best Rush scores!

  • Added a time-control field to the Puzzle Rush history table, to clarify whether it was a three- or five-minute Puzzle Rush. Rows for three-minute games start with the lightning bolt icon, whereas five-minute Rush shows a stopwatch, similar to blitz vs rapid in live chess.
  • Added visible rating value for each puzzle in the view of a completed Puzzle Rush.


Show your flair!

  • Huge progress made toward releasing a new site-wide chat feature
  • Fixed some format and spacing issues in the mobile version of the website, including better support for data in tables.
  • Added a new link in the side panel of club pages to recognize that club's top gifters.
  • Made some improvements to the logic used when hunting through games to find new puzzles .
  • Released new, better-looking member profile page.
Profile Page

  • Improved member search feature (username lookup).
  • Refactored code dealing with Apple payments.
  • Post-game analysis will now include more subtle errors under retry mistakes if the level of play was high enough to avoid serious mistakes.
  • Added a profile page ribbon to recognize our top bloggers.

Top Blogger

  • Added API support to include the opponent's move in move notifications (coming to our apps very soon).
  • Added dozens of new records to our list of top players.
  • Pagination controls are now at the bottom and top of the comments section.
  • Improvements to our current chess ratings page (for the top 100 players in the world).
  • Having trouble finding the trophy you want to give? Now you can search for trophies by name.

Trophy Search


Work proceeds on several excellent initiatives you'll see in near-future releases, including:

  • Issues with notifications
  • Computer analysis
  • Game-over UX improvements
  • Adding Puzzle Battle!


The future is bright for iOS users, too. Here's what we've been focusing on:

  • More granular control of your notifications from within the app
  • More access to account settings from within the app
  • New Puzzle Rush formats
  • Improvements to chat and emoji
  • Major progress on an entirely new navigation scheme for the whole app

Behind the Scenes

  • On August 31 (remember that scheduled downtime?!), we completed a vital migration of servers to a more powerful hosting location
  • New "infinitely scalable" data storage techniques undergoing experimental use, particularly in the context of the new and forthcoming site-wide chat functionality

Fair Play and Sportsmanship

  • 68,630,540 games reviewed for fair play
  • 2,885,431 accounts reviewed for fair play
  • 6,117 accounts closed for fair play (6 titled)
  • 185,846 abuse reports received
  • 14,842 accounts muted for abuse
  • 27,530 individual mute actions taken
  • 38,051 accounts closed for abuse

Member Support

  • Average time to reply: ~28 hrs (estimated, because we stepped up to a new support platform this month.)
  • Average quality (by member rating): 9.20 / 10
  • Total Ratings: 1580

So long, August! Let's check back in a month to see what September brings.

As always, please let us know what you think, and thanks for reading!

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