Chessbase admits Rybka is the best

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rybka3What chess fans and chess professionals alike have known for a long time already, has been admitted today by Chessbase: Rybka is the strongest chess program in the world by a big margin, also stronger than any Fritz.

By Merijn van Delft

Rybka programmer Vasik Rajlich and his team (Iweta Rajlich, Larry Kaufman) have made revolutionary progress in teaching the computer how to play chess. By developing positional algorithms amongst others, the play by the computer is looking more and more human.

The reason for Chessbase admitting that Rybka is the strongest chess playing program in the world is no doubt commercial, but in any case it has several interesting consequences. As of now, Rybka is a product that can be ordered via Chessbase and convenient for the user is that Rybka can finally be selected as the default engine within the Chessbase interface.

Rybka 3 is about 80 points stronger than its predecessor (which was already at an amazing 3000+ level) and contains several fascinating new analysis features like Monte Carlo Analysis, Sample Search and Persistent Hash. More can be read at

On a personal note, I'm proud to see Rybka openingbook author Jeroen Noomen being in the spotlight, as we both originate from the dynamic Dutch chess town of Apeldoorn and have played together for the local first team for many years. Jeroen then quit playing chess to dedicate himself even more to computer chess - not without results, as Rybka has won basically all important tournaments in recent years using his opening book.
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