News Launches The Master's Bulletin, Again! Launches The Master's Bulletin, Again!

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This month launched a PDF & PGN magazine called The Master's Bulletin, our first and only "subscription based" product, available for purchase separately from our premium membership products. As the editor, in this news post I'd like to inform you about this new magazine (which isn't completely new).

The Master's Bulletin will have articles on openings, middlegame and endgame as well as background stories. The magazine will be 20-30 pages, and will appear once a month. The authors will be GMs and IMs from around the world.

The price of this new magazine will be $7.99 for one issue / $39.99 for 6 months / $69.99 for one year. In Euros that is 5.85 for one issue / 29.25 for 6 months / 51.25 for one year. The first issue of The Master's Bulletin was published yesterday. Each issue should appear around the 15th of every month.



A similar magazine (with the same title!) was "tested" this summer, but this was only about openings and distributed to our titled members. You can find the archive of the The Master's Bulletin here. But, as said before, from now on it will be bigger and not for free anymore!

The Master's Bulletin, December 2013

For the first issue we immediately did something... different! We have created a special world championship issue that is bigger than normal. We have set ourselves the goal to produce a monthly magazine between 20 and 30 pages, but this month we got GM Dejan Bojkov to write an extra long, special featured article on the critical moments of the historic Anand-Carlsen match! He analyzed very thoroughly and delivered a magnificent piece on which he must have spent many hours.

It was a much-awaited match, and now that it has finished it can certainly be called historic. That’s why we decided that this month’s theoretical opening articles had to deal with Anand-Carlsen as well. GM Sergei Tiviakov wrote about the 4.d3 line of the Berlin Ruy Lopez, and GM Alexander Ipatov delved into the complications of the Sämisch Nimzo-Indian. (You will notice that these two articles have some overlap with Bojkov's piece, but that shouldn't really matter because Tiviakov and Ipatov focus more on the opening and besides, it might be interesting to compare the opinions of different GMs!)

Two former ChessVibes editors, IMs Arthur van de Oudeweetering and Robert Ris, are more or less continuing their columns from a previous magazine called ChessVibes Training. Arthur has selected a game (or rather two!) from the European Team Championship in Warsaw, Poland and reminds us of a famous story from the 1955 Goteborg Interzonal. From the same tournament comes an instructive ending analyzed by Robert, who will also take care of nine tactical exercises each month.

We finish each magazine with three instructive endgame studies selected by IM Yochanan Afek, another co-editor of the website. These studies will not appear there anymore.

All in all, we hope that we can provide you with interesting opening, middlegame and endgame material that should be especially useful for the ambitious, practical player! 


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