Dvorkovich To Run For 2nd Term, Supported By Anand
Dvorkovich (left) and Anand on Friday in New Delhi. Photo: FIDE.

Dvorkovich To Run For 2nd Term, Supported By Anand

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GM Viswanathan Anand is supporting FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich in his bid for a second term as FIDE President. Both were present at a press conference in New Delhi on Friday, where Dvorkovich announced that he will be running for re-election.

Dvorkovich's statement was communicated via FIDE's Twitter account:

"The past four years have been challenging for all of us, but I am proud to acknowledge that I personally, and the entire FIDE leadership team, have worked with full dedication for the benefit of chess all over the world. However, there are even more important tasks ahead. In this situation, I consider it is my moral duty to confirm that I intend to run for the second presidential term. I count on the support of the General Assembly and the whole chess society. Gens Una Sumus."

The decision to run for a second term is somewhat controversial in light of Dvorkovich's recent statements on the war in Ukraine and his background as a Russian politician. Initially, the FIDE President seemed to be holding an anti-war point of view, saying to the American website Mother Jones on March 14: "Wars are the worst things one might face in life… including this war. My thoughts are with Ukrainian civilians."

A day later, however, a different and rather nationalistic statement was published, and Dvorkovich said he was "sincerely proud of the courage of our soldiers" and that there is "no place for either Nazism or the dominance of some countries over others."

He made the latter statement as the chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, a position Dvorkovich no longer holds.

The Ukrainian Chess Federation and some Ukrainian top players have called for a full ban on Russia and expressed a desire for a new FIDE leadership, but they seem to have received little support for their—however understandable—point of view.

"Yes, I am committed to run for re-election and Anand will be a huge part of our team," said Dvorkovich today. 

Anand said he would be actively supporting the FIDE President, but at the moment it's not exactly clear how. "We have had a good discussion, but we haven't decided yet in what role or capacity I will be involved," said Anand.

"I am willing and determined to work with this team. It is a wonderful team led by Dvorkovich, and they have done a lot for the sport. As and when a decision is taken, I will let you know."

Anand and Dvorkovich were present at an event in New Delhi held on Friday to officially hand over the hosting rights of the FIDE Chess Olympiad to India. The event will take place July 28-August 10, 2022 in Chennai. 

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