Fabiano Caruana Discusses 2018 World Championship In New Lesson

Fabiano Caruana Discusses 2018 World Championship In New Lesson

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There is no doubt that GM Fabiano Caruana is one of the strongest chess players in history. Since his dominant performance at the 2014 Sinquefield Cup, where he famously started with 7/7 in a field with a 2800 rating average before winning the tournament by three full points, Caruana remained among the three best players on the planet. 

In 2018, Caruana won the Candidates Tournament and earned the right to challenge GM Magnus Carlsen for the world championship, during which he nearly became the #1 rated player in the world, coming within three rating points of Carlsen while never losing in 12 classical games.

Now, premium members will get a glimpse into the intricate chess details of an epic journey through a world championship match, one rarely offered by a direct participant.

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Caruana has recorded conversations with's IM Danny Rensch to dissect five key games in his 2018 journey through the most accurate world championship match ever played:

  • his key victory over GM Vladimir Kramnik in the 2018 Berlin Candidates
  • his close call in game one of the world championship
  • his nearly winning ending of game six
  • his nearly winning opening of game eight
  • the first game of the rapid tiebreaks.

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Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the very best players in history and longtime active #1 USA player as he discusses, for the first time, his hard-fought battle in one of the most closely contested world championship matches ever. 

Caruana was recently interviewed by Peter Doggers and will also be joining the commentary team for the 2021 FIDE World Chess Championship which begins on November 24.

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