Giga Quparadze Wins Jan. 26 Titled Tuesday

Giga Quparadze Wins Jan. 26 Titled Tuesday

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GM Giga Quparadze won the January 26 Titled Tuesday tournament. The Georgian grandmaster was the only player who scored 10/11 and finished ahead of the American grandmasters Hikaru Nakamura and Jeffery Xiong.

This week's Titled Tuesday tournament had a total of 747 participants. It was an 11-round Swiss with a 3+1 time control.

The live broadcast of the tournament.

Two players started with a perfect 6/6: GMs Praggnanandhaa R. (@rpragchess) and Eric Hansen (@erichansen). Interestingly, they did not play each other in round seven. How is that possible?

Well, according to the regulations of Swiss tournaments, players cannot play three consecutive rounds with the same color (with a certain exception for the final round). As it happened, both Hansen and Praggnanandhaa had played with the white pieces in rounds five and six.

Both lost in round seven and then met in round eight after all:

Nakamura defeated Hansen in round seven and also won his next two games to reach 8.5/9. It was Quparadze who stopped him:

Jan. 26 Titled Tuesday | Final Standings (Top 20)

Number Rk Fed Title Username Name Score SB
1 12 GM @GigaQuparadze Giga Quparadze 10 72.5
2 1 GM @Hikaru Hikaru Nakamura 9.5 70.5
3 15 GM @jefferyx Jeffery Xiong 9.5 59.25
4 28 GM @Genghis_K Federico Perez Ponsa 9.5 59
5 6 GM @Bigfish1995 Vladimir Fedoseev 9 64.5
6 2 GM @Sibelephant Vladislav Artemiev 9 61
7 46 IM @kuban1991 Oleg Vastrukhin 9 58.25
8 54 IM @ChristopherYoo Christopher Woojin Yoo 9 55
8 66 GM @sergiochess83 Sergey Grigoriants 9 55
10 77 IM @LiamVrolijk Liam Vrolijk 9 54.5
11 210 IM @Swarnapuri Dhulipala Bala Chandra Prasad 9 49.5
12 26 GM @EvgenyT Evgeny Tomashevsky 8.5 59.75
13 7 GM @Jospem Jose Eduardo Martinez Alcantara 8.5 54.5
14 72 GM @Aravindhchess1999 Aravindh Chithambaram 8.5 52.25
15 53 GM @eljanov Pavel Eljanov 8.5 52
16 35 GM @Beca95 Aleksandar Indjic 8.5 50.25
17 27 GM @Zhigalko_Sergei Sergei Zhigalko 8.5 48.5
18 50 GM @tigra Boris Savchenko 8.5 48
19 49 GM @KuzubovYuriy Yuriy Kuzubov 8.5 46.75
19 98 GM @Zkid Steven Zierk 8.5 46.75

(Full final standings here.)

Quparadze won $750 for first place, Nakamura $400 for second, Xiong $150 for third, and Perez $100 for fourth. The $100 prize for the best female player went to WFM Ekaterina Miroshnik (@KaterinaMiroshnik), who scored 7.5/11.

Titled Tuesday is's weekly tournament for titled players. It starts each Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific time (19:00 Central Europe). 

Titled Tuesday Format

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