Hou Yifan Stretches Lead In World Championship

Hou Yifan Stretches Lead In World Championship

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Reigning women's world champion Hou Yifan of China won the 6th game of her title defence against Humpy Koneru to increase her lead to 4-2 with just four games remaining.

Humpy tried to make the most of the white pieces, sacrificing a pawn for the initiative and possible tactical opportunities.  However, her position soured and eventually fell apart as the unforgiving time control approached, leaving her no choice but to resign or face being checkmated.

A great result for the champion, and possibly a fatal blow for the challenger, with just four games left to play.

Hou Yifan (right) records her second win of the match




Tomorrow is a rest day, so game 7 is on Wednesday 23 November.

UPDATE: FIDE reports that, "The outcome (of the 6th game) is even more surprising when one knows that Hou Yifan spent several hours in the hospital the previous night.  17 years old experienced severe pains in her stomach aria and was immediately taken into the best hospital of Tirana by the organizers and FIDE officials. The doctors checked her medical condition, but the necessary tests proved there was no other problem, beside psychological pressure. Hou Yifan declined taking any pain killers. After this "preparation" for the game she nevertheless sat at the board in a perfect fighting condition and managed not only to neutralize chess preparation of the opponent, but take an upper hand".


 Name Nat Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
 Hou, Yifan  CHN 2578 ½  ½  1 ½
 Koneru, Humpy  IND 2600 ½  ½  0 ½

The total prize fund is 200,000 euros, with the main match sponsor being Taci Oil International.

The time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes to finish the game, with a 30 second increment from the start.

If the scores are level after 10 games there will be a 4-game rapid match to determine the champion. If scores are still level, there will be up to 5 pairs of blitz games before a final sudden-death game.  The full schedule can be found here.

The full FIDE match regulations are here

Photo from the official website.

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