Introducing GM Magesh

Introducing GM Magesh

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Grandmaster Magesh Chandran Panchanathan has already been writing the well-received "Explore Opening Ideas" Thursday column for for three months now, along with friend and fellow Grandmaster Arun. However, I never did give him a proper introduction, and now I'm making some amends for that.
Magesh was born in 1983 in Madurai, India. In July 2005 he became India's twelfth Grandmaster when he earned his third grandmaster norm at the famous World Open in Philadelphia. Even more significantly, he actually tied for first place in the super strong event. One impressive feat about Magesh's rise to Grandmaster was that he achieved it while a full-time student.
Magesh is known to American chess enthusiasts as well as Indian, because he spent several years studying computer science at the University of Texas, Dallas, participating in many American events during that time. He represented the UTD chess team at both Pan American competitions and in the US Chess League for the Dallas Destiny. Having finished his studies, he has "moved back" to India, which I put in quotes, because as a full-time chess player, he
is travelling to tournaments as often as not.
Magesh recently took first place in a strong tournament: the Mayor's Cup in Mumbai. So I've decided to share three of his last four games from this eleven round event, to show you his most recent play under pressure. You may notice from two of these games that Magesh is an expert in the Ruy Lopez (from both sides).

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