IM Levy Rozman Announces The Winners Of His Scholarship Program

IM Levy Rozman Announces The Winners Of His Scholarship Program

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IM Levy Rozman, the popular streamer and content creator behind GothamChess, has recently announced the winners for his $100,000 chess scholarship program.

In a partnership with, the scholastic branch of, Rozman recently created the "Levy Rozman Scholarship Fund." The streamer will donate $5,000 to $15,000 to competitive scholastic chess programs to pay for training, tournament fees, and travel expenses. helped Rozman to pick the winners to maximize the positive impact of the initiative.

After Rozman's announcement, the program stirred up the scholastic chess world. More than 100 programs applied shortly after the streamer's announcement.

"The process of selecting programs to receive a grant was not easy at all!," said Rozman. "There were many qualified, worthy, and exemplary groups of students—along with dedicated leadership."

After carefully going through the applications, Rozman and the team selected the following winners*:

"We all know chess has always been great, but it really boomed after The Queen's Gambit. So the goal of giving grants to these strong chess programs—which aren't always in major cities—is to potentially find the next Beth Harmon! Or, in terms of real chess celebrities, perhaps a Judit Polgar or a Magnus Carlsen!"

Rozman hopes to continually cause a positive impact on chess programs in the future.

Levy Rozman Scholarship Winners
Rozman hopes to keep helping kids with their chess.

"I hope to do this again, either as myself or through a crowdsourced initiative, so I encourage all applicants to continue as planned and expect great things in the future." and want to thank Rozman for his enormous generosity and positive impact on so many kids as they continue to work to improve their chess skills. is the scholastic extension of—the number one online chess site. ChessKid is dedicated to being a safe place for kids to learn and play chess. ChessKid introduces kids at an early age to the game of chess, teaching them how to play while having fun.

* All winners will be required to document how they utilize the funds.

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